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Leonila Thompson, 35, from El Centro, Calif., family readiness officer with 1st Maintenance Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 15, 1st Marine Logistics Group.

Photo by Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank

FROs Welcomed to 1st MLG

3 Mar 2010 | Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank 1st Marine Logistics Group

Within every unit, there is a designated representative who is the point of contact for initiation of all command communication and interaction of all families with in the unit.

Over the recent months, 1st Marine Logistics Group welcomed three new family readiness officers for 1st Maintenance Battalion, Combat Logistics Battalions 5 and 13 here.

"I want the Marines and sailors in the battalion to feel confident and comfortable with coming to me with questions, concerns or just to say 'hi'," said Jacqueline Maxwell, 24, from Wellsburg, W. Va., family readiness officer for CLB-13, Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st MLG. "I hope that my office will serve as a place where they can be themselves and relax, but also as a place to regroup with information and resources."

Family readiness officers across the Marine Corps, civilians and military member's alike, are available to prepare and equip service members and their families with the tools needed to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle.

"Just like a family, we all work together," said Christine Winicki, 45, from Alexandria, Va., family readiness officer with CLB – 5, Combat Logistics Regiment 1, 1st MLG. "I hope to create a sense of family within the battalion. Whether you are married or single, each Marine and sailor has a unique role to fit."

According to Marine Corps Order 1754.6A, family readiness directly affects the fundamental purpose of the Marine Corps to make Marines and win battles by building commitment and raising morale, thereby increasing unit readiness.

"Although I missed my opportunity to serve in uniform, I am proud to be able to serve those that serve in uniform," said Leonila Thompson, 35, from El Centro, Calif., family readiness officer with 1st Maintenance Bn., Combat Logistics Regiment 15, 1st MLG. "I have enjoyed the last three years volunteering with this battalion, getting to know our Marines and families and working on functions that benefi t both.

The new family readiness officers are bringing a variety of knowledge and resources from their military experiences and training to benefi t the Marines, sailors and their families of 1st MLG.
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