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During a transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, Marines with Marine Air-Ground Task Force Battalion 11.2, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), present the unit colors, April 3. The ceremony is a Marine Corps tradition that formally symbolizes the continuity of command authority.

Photo by Cpl. Samuel Nieves

1st Maintenance Battalion assumes authority in Afghanistan

7 Apr 2012 | Sgt. Michele Watson

After a successful deployment providing logistical support to Regional Command Southwest, Marine Air-Ground Task Force Support Battalion 11.2, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), relinquished their responsibilities to 1st Maintenance Battalion (-) Reinforced, 1st MLG (Fwd) during a transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, April 3.

The transfer of authority ceremony is a Marine Corps tradition that formally symbolizes the continuity of command authority. The ritual is conducted by an assemblage of both incoming and outgoing units. The ceremony represents the passing of total responsibility, authority and accountability from one commanding officer to another.

As MSB 11.2, 1st MLG (Fwd) released authority, the Commanding General of 1st MLG (Fwd), Brig. Gen. John Broadmeadow, spoke of the impact the battalion made during their tour.

“This battalion has done great things,” said Brig. Gen. Broadmeadow. “It has started what is going to be a huge change as to how we are going to conduct operations in theater.

Maintenance efforts within MSB 11.2, 1st MLG (Fwd) provided rapid repairs and return of damaged gear to units throughout Helmand Province. The hard work of Maintenance Company throughout the area of operations has helped keep equipment functioning in the arduous combat and environmental conditions of this theater.

Supply Company took the Supply Management Unit, a 17 acre supply area, and reduced it down to a size that effectively supports the next phase of combat operations.

Additionally, as part of the responsible drawdown plan, Supply Company also established an area called the sort lot that takes excess gear and equipment from units in RC(SW), accounts for it, and then ships it out of theater for use elsewhere.  As a result, more than 643,000 items of gear have been shipped back to the U.S. since September.

Though redeployment and retrograde operations were an important component of MSB 11.2’s mission, it was not their only focus.

The efforts of Surgical Company helped improve the care of casualties in combat while General Support Motor Transport Company covered hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, escorting civilian trucks that provided all of the fuel throughout RC(SW).

After praising the many successes of MSB 11.2, 1st MLG (Fwd) on their deployment, Brig. Gen. Broadmeadow welcomed the incoming Marines and sailors.

“You have a big mission out here in front of you,” he said. “I know that you are prepared to uphold the legacy.”

Lt. Col. David Gibbs, commanding officer, MSB 11.2, 1st MLG (Fwd), expressed his gratitude to the service members that contributed to the success of their tour.

“To the Marines and sailors, this is your day to be proud of the accomplishments that you have achieved during this deployment,” said Gibbs.

As 1st Maintenance Bn. (-) REIN, 1st MLG (Fwd) unfurled their colors during the ceremony, the commanding officer Lt. Col. Christian Richardson welcomed the new responsibilities.

“During all the pre deployment training, you’ve always maintained your high professional standards, accountability, self discipline and most importantly, the fortitude to take on your challenges,” said Richardson. “I know that you are ready for this mission and for continued success. We will do this together as one team and one fight.”

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