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Mission statement

Accommodates the free exercise of religion within the 1st MLG during deployments and in garrison. Meeting the spiritual, moral, and ethical needs of Marines, Sailors and family members by encompassing appropriate programs, services, and pastoral care.


Chaplain's Corner

Group Chaplain:  CAPT William Middleton (760) 763-9421

Group Chaplain Deputy/CLR-17:  CDR Corey Thornton (760) 763-9421

Group Chaplain Senior Enlisted Leader:  RPC (FMF/SW/EXW) Maila Castillo (760)


* Religious and spiritual care for Marines and their families

* Confidential counseling and pastoral care

* Life stills classes [lay leader classes, stress management, communication skills, relationship enhancement]

* Emotional support for families

* Referral resources for specialized care and/or ministry

Remember, if you have a problem and are not sure where to go, the Chaplains Office is a good resource. Our Religious Ministry Teams stay informed and frequently guide our Marines, Sailors, and their families in answering their questions.

For after hour's emergencies, please contact the Duty Chaplain @ 760-725-5061/1759

Useful Websites:

* Chaplain Care website:

* Navy Chaplain Corps Website:



* Family Readiness Officer:


* 1st MLG:

* US NAVY Chaplain Corps:

* Chief of Navy Chaplains:







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