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Equal Opportunity


Equal Opportunity Advisor 


Gunnery Sergeant Daniel C. Balaszek

1st Marine Logistics Group

Building 140127, 2nd Floor

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Office:  (760) 763-6331

Cell/Text:  (760) 213-4522

Alternate: (760) 725-5277

DSN:  365-5277




To provide subject matter advice and guidance on all matters related to command climate and prohibited activities and conduct.



The effectiveness of the Marine Corps relies on the trust and teamwork shared between individual Marines, regardless of grade or position. Inherent in this trust is the understanding that fair and equitable treatment is the Marine Corps’ leadership standard. In keeping with this standard, the principles underlying MCO 5354.1E Prohibited Activities & Conduct shall be integrated into every command policy, action, and program.


Concept of Operations

The success and longevity of our institution depends upon a climate free of Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC). Abuse (to include hazing, bully, ostracism, and retaliation), harassment (to include sexual harassment), online misconduct (to include wrongful distribution of an intimate image), dissident and protest activity, and unlawful discrimination are contrary to our institutional core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment, and a stain on our rich legacy. 1st Marine Logistics Group is an elite institution of warriors and will remain committed to vigorously enforcing high standards of performance and conduct. Although not every leadership issue is a PAC issue, every PAC issue is a leadership issue.

Prohibited Activities and Conduct are counterproductive and unacceptable. PAC undermines morale, reduces combat readiness, and prevents maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps' most vital asset: the individual.


What Does the EOA Have to Offer?

Department of Defense Certified Mediator.

Facilitate Equal Opportunity Representative training for assigned personnel and tenant commands.

Assist commands with the report, investigation, and disposal of all PAC complaints.

Advise PAC Functional Area Managers with on the implementation of command program requirements.

Conduct compliance inspections of supported command PAC programs.

Provide guidance in assessment data analysis and the development of strategies to improve Command Climate.


Links to Know

MCO 5354.1E Prohibited Activities and Conduct (

Inspector General of the Marine Corps – Request Mast Guide (





1st Marine Logistics Group