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Combat Logistics Regiment 15


Combat Logistics Regiment 15


CLR-15 Mission Statement

Provide general support intermediate level supply support, field level maintenance support, material distribution support, procurement management, equipment fielding support and forward resuscitative health care capability to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) and support to specified Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) organizations.

CLR-15 Vision Statement

To be the foremost logistics authority and support activity within the Department of Defense, setting the standard for quality, excellence, and innovation across the battlefield and beyond.

- We will push supply, maintenance, and medical capabilities to the farthest most remote locations enhancing and sustaining MAGTF combat power while providing good will to the local populace.

- We will implement and use state of the art technology such as radio frequency identification and memory contact chips to give our operational leaders the asset visibility and equipment maintenance history they need to make rapid and informed decisions.

- We will ensure Operational Forces have Health Services capability and capacity to meet requirements for Major Combat Operations, the Global War on Terrorism and Home Land Defense; while maintaining a solid foundation of core capabilities that can respond rapidly to evolving irregular warfare missions and asymmetric threats.

- We will partner with supply chain and distribution experts, to include commercial resources as well as Naval Logistic Initiatives, in order to overcome excessive order-ship times, reduce total repair cycle times, and eliminate backorders.

- We will continue our mastery of basic technical and warrior skills.

Combat Logistics Regiment 15 Leaders

Colonel Patrick M. Tucker
Commanding Officer Combat Logistics Regiment 15

Sergeant Major Stennett W. Rey
Sergeant Major Combat Logistics Regiment 15
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