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Combat Logistics Battalion 5

Command Philosophy

Command Philosophy
Lieutenant Colonel J.F. Soto
Commanding Officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 5

To be a Marine is to be a part of a family. We are blessed to be part of the CLB-5 family. As members of this family, each of us are accountable to one another in everything we do, every mission we execute, every word we use, and in the way we treat others. Our conduct reflects who we truly are, what we value, and what the family name of CLB-5 stands for. To follow is what I want you to know about my approach to leadership.

As members of CLB-5, we must Be Ready to Deploy, Care for Our Family, and accomplish assigned missions "Our Way."

1. Be Ready to deploy. There are many things that we must train to; maintain equipment for; prepare our loved ones for; and mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually prepare ourselves for - these are the critical tasks we must execute to be ready to deploy. I expect you to focus on readying yourself to deploy, demanding the most of yourself and of your fellow Marines and Sailors. We won’t always know the time or place of our next mission but we must always be ready to deploy with the team and the kit we have on hand.

2. Care for Our Family. Family comes first, both in CLB-5 and at home. We care for our loved ones through clear communication and actions to ensure wills, POAs, care plans, and finances are in order. We care for our fellow Marines and Sailors when we treat one another with dignity and respect whether on duty or on liberty. Our actions must always be consistent. Don’t sacrifice your integrity or ethical principles. There is no such thing as a Marine who is “good” in the field but “bad” in garrison or at home. Your character is measured in its total not in its parts. Remember the family that you represent.

3. "Our Way". "Our Way" as CLB-5 is to focus on the things we can control and to maintain the right attitude towards the things we cannot without making excuses. "Our Way" means remaining team players, caring for our kit and vehicles, growing and developing future leaders, emphasizing brilliance in the basics, taking the initiative, and learning from our mistakes. Honest mistakes will happen and we will learn from them together but failing to act is worse than making a mistake. We can achieve much when we don’t care who gets the credit or the blame. Good units do the common tasks uncommonly well and regardless of our rank, we must always set the example. We will focus on these principles as we execute the mission “Our Way!”

I'm sincerely honored and humbled to fight alongside you and I'm excited to watch us succeed in the challenges ahead.

"No Excuses"
J.F. Soto JR.