Marine Corps' policy is to provide equal opportunity for all military members without regard to race, age, color, religion, gender, sexual preference or national origin consistent with all laws and regulations.  The achievement and maintenance of this goal is integral to the full development of esprit de corps, pride, and individual readiness, which are the hallmarks of combat readiness.  Ensuring, to the fullest extent under the law and regulations, that fairness and equality of opportunity are extended to all personnel concerning every action which affects Marines, is an inherent function of leadership.

One of my primary functions here as Commanding Officer is to ensure that each and every Marine, Sailor, and civilian at Headquarters Regiment enjoys an environment free from discrimination.  Prejudice, hazing, sexual harassment or any other abusive behavior will not be tolerated. All Marines and Sailors will report such actions immediately to their chain of command and all leaders, be they Officer, SNCO, or NCO will take active steps to prevent such actions wherever they observe it. 

I do strictly charge my NCOs, both Sergeants and Corporals, to stop discrimination before it becomes a larger problem.  You will not tolerate inappropriate comments, inappropriate acts, or favoritism.  Our Marine Corps traditions require us to treat our Marines and Sailors fairly.  I know that you are the key to ensuring that everyone in this command enjoys their right of equal opportunity.  As such, when you fail to take appropriate action, I will also hold you accountable.

We are a band of brothers and sisters.  Many of us deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan together or in other units.  Together, we faced the many sacrifices and difficulties associated with being a Marine or Sailor in a time of war.  We got through it because we cared for each other.  I expect no less in garrison or future expeditionary settings.  As the Regiment moves forward in a world characterized by increasing turmoil and uncertainty, we need to function as a team and be able to trust each and every member of our unit.  Discrimination, hazing and sexual harassment destroy team work, morale and espirit de corps.  There is no place for it here among the warriors of Headquarters Regiment.

Staff Sergeant McClease is our Regiment’s Equal Opportunity Representative.  He can assist you by answering any of your Equal Opportunity questions.  I encourage the use of the informal resolution process to work through workplace issues, however; for formal EO complaints, request mast is the preferred venue. 

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding Officer

    1st Marine Logistics Group