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1st Marine Logistics Group

Victory through Logistics

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To provide direct support to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Ground Combat Element (GCE) and general support and sustained tactical-level logistics support above the organic capabilities of supported elements of the MEF.

Concept of Employment
The MLG provides direct support to the MEF GCE and sustained tactical logistics to each element of the MEF in the functional areas of logistics beyond the organic capabilities of supported units. It provides LCEs to smaller MAGTFs, which may be permanently organized or task-organized, for specific missions. When supporting a task-organized force greater than the combined assets of one division and one aircraft wing, the MLG may require augmentation for requirements beyond its organic capabilities. In order to provide the necessary throughput support to the MEF, the MLG establishes beach support areas, landing zone support areas, CSS areas, and Force CSS areas commensurate with the level of operations to ensure responsive, timely support for the sustainment of the MEF.

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