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Family Readiness Vision


Commanding General's Family Readiness Vision

The success of the unit and its personnel is due not only to the talents and skills of the Marines and Sailors, but the selfless sacrifices and dedication of the families. This support has allowed 1st Marine Logistics Group to focus on and succeed in their assigned missions.

Readiness is at the heart of everything we do as United States Marines. Family readiness sets the foundation for individual effectiveness in combat and garrison. We must prioritize the health and stability of the family unit. We will work together to ensure every Marine and Sailor has the means available to be resilient and ready for the daily challenges of the Marine Corps lifestyle.

The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP), under the purview of the 1st Marine Logistics Group Family Readiness Officer, promotes health and resiliency of the family unit and underscores the inevitable link between family readiness and mission accomplishment.

Engaged leadership must lead the charge. I am committed to the Family Readiness Program and expect all personnel, married or single, military or civilian, to participate in and be accountable for their personal and family readiness. Commanders will be engaged with their Family Readiness Programs at the unit level. Officers and Senior Enlisted have an obligation to know their troops; this involves awareness of family challenges and difficulties that threaten preparedness. Leaders must remain cognizant of the tools and resources offered and available by the DOD, the installation, as well as the local areas which can greatly impact family related stressors burdening those in their charge.

Additionally, I depend on our Family Readiness team to prioritize education and to continue to partner with internal and external support agencies in execution of the UPFRP.

Marines, Sailors, and their families are our most valuable assets. We are all on the same team, in the same fight. We do not know where our next fight will be, and we must remain ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Without a solid family unit, a warrior cannot effectively perform his or her duties on the battlefield.

I depend on each of you, Marines and Sailors, to understand my guidance and share this vision as we continue to prepare for the next fight-wherever it may be.

Semper Fidelis,

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

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