Commanding General's Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual assault is a crime, and it will not be tolerated.  Marines and Sailors are truthful, honorable, and respectful in all of our interactions with each other, our families, and the American public.  This heritage is the bedrock of what we represent to our country and its citizens.  Actions that erode trust and respect degrade our combat effectiveness, our values, and our ability to operate as a team.  Sexual assault corrodes the very fabric of our Corps.

I expect every Marine, Sailor, and Civilian in 1st Marine Logistics Group to actively combat sexual assault through:

  • Creating a climate where mutual respect is expected and enforced every day

  • Actively participating in sexual assault prevention and response education and training

  • Demonstrating the moral courage to intervene when a fellow Marine, Sailor, or Civilian needs assistance

  • Supporting victims of sexual assault to receive appropriate care and preserving their privacy and dignity.

All victims of sexual assault shall be afforded the dignity, sensitivity, and respect deserving of all Marines, Sailors, and Civilians.  Leaders shall make every effort to ensure they are provided appropriate medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual assistance.  Leaders will ensure a victim’s privacy and identity are respected and released to only those who have an absolute need-to-know.  Leaders will ensure that obstacles to reporting are minimized.

Lastly, I expect each of you to continue to strengthen our program.  We must ensure that all who desire to serve may do so in an environment of trust, dignity, and respect.  While we have made progress on preventing and responding to sexual assault, the job is far from complete; eliminating sexual assault will take a coordinated community effort, and I challenge everyone to accept responsibility for achieving this goal.  Our Marines, Sailors, Civilian Marines, and family members deserve nothing less.

To report a sexual assault or to speak to a Victim Advocate call:  Camp Pendleton 24/7 Sexual Assault Support line at (760) 500-1707 or the DoD Safe Helpline at (877) 955-5247.


Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

1st Marine Logistics Group