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Commanding General’s Philosophy

These are the traits that will define us both individually and as an MLG, and adherence to these attributes will contribute immeasurably to our continued success. The more that we live these ideals on a personal level, the more they will define 1st Marine Logistics Group as a whole.

INTEGRITY: Above all else, we owe it to each other, to our Corps, and to our Nation, to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Do the right thing—even when nobody is watching—and set the example for all others to follow. Nothing is ever worth sacrificing our integrity.

HUMILITY: Humility is not technically one of the "14 Leadership Traits," but it is an essential leadership trait nonetheless. Moreover, while integrity is certainly the most important of our leadership traits, humility may perhaps be the most endearing. Humility keeps us in check, prevents us from becoming arrogant, and enables us to continually learn and to truly become better at our profession. It ensures that leaders at all levels maintain the understanding that they exist for the benefit of their subordinates, not vice versa. Humility engenders a quiet professionalism that is the hallmark of a confident and inspired individual and organization.

READINESS: We will always be ready—ready to deploy, ready to support, ready whenever needed. Our mission requires us at all times to be ready from a personnel standpoint, from a training standpoint, and from an equipment standpoint. As I MEF’s Logistics Combat Element, we are also responsible for ensuring that the materiel readiness level of this MEF is maintained at its highest possible state. We must remember this essential truth: Readiness is what keeps our Corps relevant. As Marines and Sailors, particularly over the past decade, we are either in contact or getting ready to return to contact. This greatly simplifies our lives.

INITIATIVE: One of the greatest attributes of our Corps is our ability to accomplish amazing actions without necessarily receiving orders to do so. All of our Marines and Sailors are expected to take the initiative. Despite the tremendous advances in communications, the nature of our business is such that there inevitably will be times when we will find ourselves unable to communicate with our respective higher headquarters and supervisors. However, lack of communications cannot ever be an excuse for not taking necessary actions. Along these lines, we cannot be afraid to make mistakes. Well-intentioned errors are a part of life, and we learn as much from them as we do from our successes. The key is to learn from those mistakes, teach others the lessons learned, and apply those lessons to our own actions.

RESPECT: Every member of this MLG has something to offer, something to give, something to contribute. All are invaluable to this organization, and all are entitled to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity. We will not tolerate anything less. Our mission is too critical to do otherwise. We learned the Golden Rule as children, and it is even more relevant today in our adult lives as it was back then.

LEAD, DEVELOP, INSPIRE: Three simple words could not be more impactful. This is what we do as Marines and Sailors every single day. We lead, we develop our subordinates, and we inspire all around us to attain peak performance. Nothing less is acceptable. This is what we do.

STAY READY. STAY FOCUSED. STAY ALERT. Our fundamental purpose, our reason for living, is warfighting. It’s that simple. Everything that we do—everything—must carry that basic, clear end state in mind.

Semper Fidelis,

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

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