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Combat Logistics Battalion 7


Combat Logistics Battalion-7 provides combat logistics to a MEF maneuver element beyond its organic capabilities in order to prepare for and sustain combat operations (Direct Support to 7th Marine Regiment).

Combat Logistics Battalion-7 (CLB-7) is required to provide direct support combat logistics to 7th Marine Regiment beyond its organic capabilities in any environment and throughout the spectrum of conflict in order to allow 7th Marines to prepare for and sustain combat operations.

Additionally, Combat Logistics Battalion-7 provides logistics support to I Marine Expeditionary Force units based at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), as well as, the Mojave Viper Support Detachment, the Exercise Support Division, Marine Corps exercise forces operating at MCAGCC, and MCAGCC base beyond their organic capabilities and as directed by the Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group.


1. Provide intermediate maintenance support for ground element equipment (less critical low-density equipment within the supported units organic capability).
2. Provide repair parts from a reparable issue point.
3. Provide Maintenance Support Teams that inspect, diagnose, classify, and repair equipment at forward sites.
4. Provide ground vehicle recovery and evacuation.
5. Provide point and unit re-supply via mobile combat service support elements using RRP TTPs.
6. Provide transportation support including materiel-handling equipment.
7. Coordinate and conduct Force Protection defensive operations to include rear area security and internal security.
8. Conduct convoy operations and associated convoy security preparations.
9. Train and organize to deploy as the command element for CLB-7 and other task-organized LCEs that support CONUS exercises (i.e., DESFIREX, Steele Knight, etc) and OCONUS operations and exercises.

Combat Logistics Battalion 7 Leaders

Commanding Officer Combat Logistics Battalion 7

Lieutenant Colonel Amanda B. Martin

Lieutenant Colonel Martin was born and raised in Alto, Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and was commissioned in April of 2006.After graduating from The Basic School, she reported to Headquarters Battalion, 2d Marine Division in...

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Sergeant Major Combat Logistics Battalion 7

Sergeant Major Michael B. Allen

Sergeant Major Michael B. Allen enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and reported to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina in July 2002. In October 2002, Private Allen was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Private First Class. In November 2002, Private First Class Allen reported...

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