Reenlistment Resources


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**First Step: Take Reenlistment Package to your unit's Career Planner**


1st mlg Career Planners contact information:

MSgt Mcbride (760) 763-2913

1st MLG Career Planner (760) 725-5854

CLR-17 Career Planner (760) 725-5680

CLB-11 Career Planner (760) 763-4001

CLB-13 Career Planner (760) 763-4002 

CLB-15 Career Planner (760) 763-2481  

CLR-1 Career Planner (760) 725-0723

CLB-1 Career Planner (760) 763-1215 

CLB-5 Career Planner (760) 725-9902  

CLB-7 Career Planner (760) 830-5395 

1st TB Career Planner (760) 763-4433  

1st LSB Career Planner (224) 241-4738 

7th ESB Career Planner (760) 725-5235  

1st Medical Battalion Career Planner (760) 725-2458

1st Maintenance Battalion Career Planner (760) 725-0970

1st Supply Battalion Career Planner (760) 763-3554


FY22 Retention Programs

-Selective Retention Bonus Program -Fiscal incentives in exchange for reenlistments -Two types: traditional SRB and Kicker Bonuses • Traditional SRB is amount paid to PMOS by zone and grade • Kicker Bonus is flat rate amount paid for an additional retention behavior. SRB MARADMIN is released in July and is cancelled 30 June

-Early Reenlistment Program -Tier I FTAP Marines in FY23 reenlistment cohort will be eligible to submit for reenlistment in FY22 -Marines approved for reenlistment are eligible any FY22 SRB or kicker for which they qualify -Overall quota of 200 Marines will be approved -Marines in historically under-submitted PMOSs will be prioritized over historically over-submitted PMOSs Early Reenlistment Program is open for submission from July – September 2021


Current Reenlistment Incentives

-Traditional Selective Retention Bonus A fiscal bonus paid by PMOS, rank, and reenlistment zone (details of amount and calculations in sections: 3.i, 3.k, 3.l, 3.m, 3.n, 3.o of MARADMIN)

Zone A – 17 mo – <6 yrs

Zone B – 6 yrs - <10 yrs

Zone C – 10 yrs - <14 yrs


-Kicker Bonus -A fiscal bonus paid for a specific skill, qualification, reenlistment behavior, or contract length (details of all kickers contained in section 3.b of MARADMIN) -Can only accept one Kicker if eligible, all kickers are in addition to any traditional SRB bonus.

Early Reenlistment Kicker - $8,000 bonus for Marines eligible for Traditional SRB if they submit reenlistment prior to 30 September.

-72 Month Lateral Move Kicker - $40,000 for Marines in Zone A who agree to and complete a listed lateral move training pipeline as well as a 72 month reenlistment.

-Duty Station Incentives Computed Tier I-III FTAP Marines requesting a 36 month or greater reenlistment in their PMOS may submit duty station preferences with their request; request must be submitted NLT 30 September. Assignments are based on needs of the Marine Corps, billet vacancies, and the Marine’s preference.

-Lat Move: Marines may submit for LATMOV to any PMOS with boatspaces left starting 01 December 2021.

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