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1st Marine Logistics Group
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California


CLR-17 provides command and control, administration, communications, food services and services to the MLG. Serve as the forward echeloning headquarters of the MLG or as the Logistics Combat Element (LCE) headquarters for a Marine Expeditionary Brigade sized Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). Provide landing support, terminal operations and services support beyond supported unit organic capabilities, to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) or smaller MAGTFs. Provide the Logistics Combat Element (LCE) for MEUs.

Combat Logistics Regiment 17

Building 140210

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5000

Command Duty Officer:

(760) 725-6429

Directory Assistance:

(760) 725- 4111

S-1 - (760) 763- 9544

S-3 - (760) 763- 9547

S-4 - (760) 763- 9551

S-6 - (760) 725-1747

Duty - (760) 763- 9861

Chaplain - LCDR COLE C. YOOS: (224) 545-2889

DRC - Andrea Tatayon (760) 725-1754

1st Sgt - (760) 763- 9549

HQ Company

Admin - (760) 763-7760


Admin - (760) 725-6773



On behalf of Colonel Mulvey, I would like to welcome you to Headquarters and Service Battalion. My name is Andrea and as your Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC), I am extremely dedicated to creating a strong sense of community and providing resources and information which will promote resiliency in all aspects of military life. My husband is a retired Marine and I have had the chance to work directly with Marines for over 11 years as a volunteer, director of a non-profit, and as a DRC. My experiences and the opportunities this life has afforded our family has left a lasting impression on me and I am passionate about doing whatever I can to give back using our Commanding Officer's intent to steer the program in a direction which will provide maximum benefits to all members of Headquarters Regiment.

The CO's guidance is as follows:  "Enhance combat readiness and increase the quality of life for Marines, Sailors and authorized family members within the Regiment."

This will come in the form of regular communication, classes, and social events which are geared to helping promote wellness, knowledge, and address the challenges and uncertainties which are a large part of this lifestyle.   Please help me meet his intent  by ensuring that you fill-out a NAVMC 11654 and updating any changes to contact information as things change.

In closing, it is an honor and pleasure to serve as your DRC! I stand ready to assist as needed so please don't hesitate to drop by my office for a bit of conversation and coffee or shoot me an email/phone call with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Warm Regards,

Andrea Tatayon

Deployment Readiness Coordinator

Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st MLG



Contact Information:

SSgt Omar G. Iglesias

Combat Logistics Regiment 17

Building 1223, 1st Floor

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Office: (760) 429-3898





To provide subject matter advice and guidance on all matters related to command climate and prohibited activities and conduct.



Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) is a function of command. Marine Corps leaders must ensure their people are well-led and cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in and out of combat. “Taking care of Marines” means vigorously enforcing our high standards of performance and conduct. We will hold each other accountable and address violations expeditiously, at the lowest appropriate level.

The responsibility of a successful MEO program rests with the commander. Commanders have earned special trust and confidence and are accountable for all their decisions, actions, and inactions. The Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) prevention and response measures provide commanders the discretion to assess, investigate, and take corrective action to ensure unit cohesion and warfighting effectiveness.

Marine Corps small unit leaders, company-grade officers, and mid-grade staff noncommissioned officers (SNCOs) have experience, maturity, and close daily connection to our most junior Marines. These leaders are in the best position to lead, educate, train, supervise, and instill our high standards.



MCO 5354.1G updates Marine Corps policy, procedures, and responsibilities for preventing and responding to prohibited conduct involving sexual harassment, prohibited discrimination, harassment, hazing, and bullying.

Prohibited discriminatory and harassment practices within the Marine Corps are counter-productive, unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. The Marine Corps will maintain a culture of dignity, care, and concern in which all members of the organization are afforded equal treatment and opportunity to achieve their full potential based upon individual merit, fitness, intellect, and ability. All Service members will cultivate an environment free from PAC. PAC undermine morale, reduce combat readiness, and prevent maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps’ most vital asset: its people.



Chain of Command

The Chain of Command is the primary and preferred channel to prevent and respond to complaints of PAC. Use of the chain of command to address PAC exemplifies trust in leadership to quickly and effectively address violations of our standards.

Equal Opportunity Coordinator (EOC)

The EOC is authorized to assist with designated administrative duties pertaining to the command MEO Program.  EOCs may support the command MEO Program by standing inspections, assisting with Memorandum of Agreements, be designated as the command Survey Administrator for the Defense Organizational Climate Survey, facilitate prohibited activities, and conduct training, and provide MEO Program updates to the command. EOC’s are NOT authorized to conduct intakes or manage cases.

Anonymous Reporting

An individual is not required to divulge any PII in a PAC complaint or report. Commanders generally receive such anonymous information through electronic means, such as organizational hotlines or advice lines, CIG websites, the HQMC IG Hotline/Website, or other means of transmission, from an unknown or unidentified source.



MCO 5354.1G Prohibited Activities and Conduct:

Inspector General of the Marine Corps – Request Mast Guide:

IGMC Hotline:


Combat Logistics Regiment 17 Leaders

Commanding Officer, Combat Logistics Regiment 17

Colonel Matthew K. Mulvey

Colonel Mulvey is from Cherryville, North Carolina. He graduated from Fork Union Military Academy in 1995 and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in 1999, earning a bachelor's degree in Marine Transportation, a Third Mate's Unlimited Tonnage License, and Marine Officer commission. After attending The...

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Sergeant Major, Combat Logistics Regiment 17

Sergeant Major Earl D. Budd

Sergeant Major Budd enlisted in the Marine Corps on February 1996 and completed recruit training at MCRD San Diego, California.  After completing training at Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry West (SOI-W) he was assigned the MOS 0311 Rifleman.In July 1996, Private Budd reported to Kilo...

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