Equal Opportunity Policy

"We must ensure that every Marine is prized and appreciated for their individual worth, and that each Marine is afforded full opportunity for professional achievement. The obligation of each member of the chain of command is to ensure this sense of fairness is constant and genuine. An environment of fairness for all Marines is crucial to building a warfighting team."

-MCO P5354.1D, Marine Corps Equal Opportunity Manual

The Marine Corps' policy on Equal Opportunity is clear: The Marine Corps will provide equal opportunity for all military members without regard to age, color, gender, race, religion, or national origin. Ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all personnel is an inherent leadership responsibility, and one that I take very seriously.

All personnel with in this command are entitled to be treated with the purest dignity and respect. I charge leaders at every level to stop discrimination, sexual harassment, or other inappropriate behavior before it happens by setting the right climate within your section, and to ensure that complainants have legal protection from any and all forms of reprisal.

Anyone who engages in – or fails to actively counter - discrimination or sexual harassment of any kind is contributing to the problem and will be subject to administrative or disciplinary action.

The Marine Corps provides two methods for resolving Equal Opportunity complaints. The Informal Resolution System (IRS) allows for a quick and full resolution at the lowest possible level by addressing the issue directly with the person demonstrating the behavior or by seeking a third party to intervene. In the event the IRS does not resolve the in appropriate behavior, then the formal method of Request Mast should be used. I will personally ensure all reports of discrimination, sexual harassment, or any type of inappropriate behavior are immediately investigated and dealt with accordingly.

If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, sexual harassment, or other inappropriate behavior, notify your chain of command or contact the Battalion Equal Opportunity Representative, Gunnery Sergeant Reynoso, at (910) 376-0550.

Our ability to accomplish our mission magnifies significantly when we operate as an integrated team that capitalizes on individual strengths and skills.Discrimination in any form is adverse to mission accomplishment and will not be tolerated.

Semper Fidelis,

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
Commanding Officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 11

1st Marine Logistics Group