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History of 1st MLG


The Marine Logistics Group is the Marine Corps’ provider of the six functions of Logistics for the First Marine Expeditionary Force. In the garrison environment or the expeditionary, First MLG paves the way for the rest of the Corps to follow when in support of the warfighter or training evolutions for the MAGTF. Tracing its lineage back to 1947, the recently named First Marine Logistics Group has had a proud and illustrious history. Service Support is the mantra that the Logistics Groups follow in order to satisfy the requirements of the customer. The ~14,000 Marines that are employed by the MLG are committed to the ethos of hard work, dedicated service, and premier support. From Maintenance, Supply, Engineering and Facilities to Food Service, the Marines of the First MLG stand ready to attack the battle rhythms set by the Division in order to best support the requirements of the Warfighter.

Origin of the MLG

The First Combat Service Group was formed in 1947 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Later on in the same month, the Logistics Group was re-located to Camp Joseph H. Pendleton and subsequently deployed to Kobe, Japan in 1950.Very soon thereafter, the Logistics Group moved to Inchon Korea and was attached to the First Marine Division. They provided support in Inchon, Chosin, and on the Eastern and Western Fronts of the Korean War. After their re-deployment back to CONUS in 1953, the Logistics Group was re-designated as the First Combat Service Group of the Fleet Marine Force. After a hiatus of some 12 years, it was time to re-enter the combat zone and the Logistics Group deployed to the Republic of Vietnam. They operated from Da Nang Air Base thru April of 1971 when they were yet again re-designated the First Force Service Regiment, FMF, at Camp Pendleton, California. Some 5 years later, the naming convention was changed to reflect the First Force Service Support Group. In 1990, the Logistics Group participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Southwest Asia and in 1992 entered Mogadishu, Somalia to support the MAGTF in another combat engagement which required huge amounts of Logistics Support. In 2002 and 2003, the First Force Service Support Group entered Kuwait in order to prepare for the invasion of Iraq, wherein the Group was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for unprecedented support to the warfighter. Marines and Sailors of the Group traveled more miles and moved more tonnage of supplies than ever before in American History.

1st Marine Logistics Group