Lineage of 1st MLG


From 1947-1954

Activated 1 July 1947 at Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii, as the 1st Combat Service Group, Service Command, Fleet Marine Forces

Relocated during July 1947 to Camp Pendleton, California

Deployed during August 1950 to Kobe, Japan

Redeployed during September 1950 to Inchon, Republic of Korea, and assigned to the 1st Marine Division

Participated in the Korean War, Republic of Korea, September 1950 - May 1953

Reassigned during August 1951 to Fleet Marine Force

Reassigned during October 1951 to 1st Marine Division

Relocated during May 1953 to Camp Pendleton, California, and reassigned to Fleet Marine Forces


From 1955-1975

Redesignated 30 December 1955 as 1st Combat Service Group, Fleet Marine Forces

Redesignated 1 March 1957 as 1st Force Service Regiment, Fleet Marine Forces

Deployed during February 1967 to the Republic of Vietnam

Redesignated 15 February 1967 as 1st Force Service Regiment, Force Logistic Command, Fleet Marine Forces, and assigned to III Marine Amphibious Force

Participated in the War in Vietnam, Republic of Vietnam, February 1967- April 1971

Redesignated 23 April 1971 as 1st Force Service Regiment, Fleet Marine Forces and relocated to Camp Pendleton, California


From 1976-2002

Redesignated 30 March 1976 as 1st Force Service Support Group, Fleet Marine Forces

Participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Southwest Asia, September 1990- April 1991

Participated in Humanitarian Assistance and Peacekeeping Operations, Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, December 1992-February 1993


From 2003-2019

Deployed during January 2003 to Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom

Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, March - October 2003, February 2004 - February 2005, February 2006 - February 2007, and February 2008 - February 2009

Redesignated 21 October 2005 as 1st Marine Logistics Group

Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan March 2010 - 2011 and February 2012 - September 2012

Elements participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan January 2014 - December 2014

Elements participated in Operation Inherent Resolve, Iraq and Syria, August 2014-2019

1st Marine Logistics Group