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U.S. Marines and Sailors with 1st Marine Logistics Group conduct a cake cutting ceremony in lieu of the 246th Marine Corps birthday ball.

Photo by Cpl. Aldo Sessarego

1st Marine Logistics Group 246th cake cutting ceremony

16 Nov 2021 | Cpl. Aldo Sesarego 1st Marine Logistics Group

Marines and Sailors of 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, celebrate the Marine Corp’s 246th Birthday, heritage, and traditions during the unit’s cake-cutting at Camp Pendleton, California, Nov. 10th, 2021.

In speaking about his own Marine Corps history during the ceremony, the commanding general of 1st MLG reflected on the words that were passed down to him.

“We are tied to a lineage of Marines that have come before us, that have served in many places and have done some phenomenally outstanding courageous things that we now stand upon our shoulders”, stated Brigadier General Phillip N. Frietze, commanding general of 1st MLG. “My dad was a Marine in 1959 through 1966, I decided to join the Marine Corps because of him. Some of you may share that same type of inspiration and decision to join the Corps, and ties you to them as you are tied to my dad. There may be reasons that tie you alone, like Lance Cpl. Taitague, who’s the only Marine in his family, but you have a family of Marines now, so we’re all tied together.”
As part of the ceremony, it has been a long tradition in the Marine Corps for the oldest Marine to receive a piece of cake from the commanding general as it signifies the honor and respect in accordance to seniority and experience. After taking a bite, the oldest Marine then passes the piece of cake to the youngest Marine in the unit symbolizing the passing of wisdom, knowledge, and experience as well as trust and confidence of those who will carry on Marine Corps traditions. that

“The unique part of our Corps that stands out above from other services, and I have the deepest respect for all of them because I have had family so served in all of them and I love them all. Yet our Corps is different, our Corps is woven together, our Corps belongs to Lance Cpl. Taitague, to Col Weiner, to my dad, and to those that have come before us. Nobody will ever take that away from us, that will burn in your heart forever. So, from one Marine to all Marines, happy birthday Marines.”

1st Marine Logistics Group