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Photo by Cpl. Aldo Sessarego

Maj. Alisson Weeks is awarded Maj. Megan McClung Leadership Award

19 Jul 2022 | Cpl. Casandra Lamas 1st Marine Logistics Group

U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Alisson Weeks, assistant chief of staff for operations at 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, was awarded the Major Megan McClung Leadership Award, July 12, 2022.

This award is presented to leaders who demonstrate amazing teamwork, desire to grow, and willingness to adapt to any given situation through leadership. She is greatly appreciative and humbled by the honor of receiving this award.

“I like leading an organization from a team perspective and recognizing that every person comes into the organization with a role and a mission that without them it doesn't allow the unit to really accomplish its mission and essential tasks,” said Weeks.

The Maj. Megan McClung Leadership Award was named after the first female Marine Corps officer, killed in combat during the Iraq war by an improvised explosive device. McClung was an inspiration with her leadership, can-do attitude, and sense of duty. The award recognizes servicemembers’ leadership skills and their contributions towards the tenets of equal opportunity, human relations, and public service.

“I've allowed myself to be influenced by the examples that come from family, hard work, and leaders in the organization who’ve once said, ‘if you're feeling that things are challenging, then you're probably doing it right’,” said Weeks. “Instead of being worried about the difficulty and the challenge as a reflection of my own inability, I was able to see opportunities to keep digging and evolve.”

Weeks, in her modesty, attributes her success to all the Marines she has worked alongside in her career and those who had confidence in her. They’ve helped mold her in the direction of having the capability to achieve this award today.

“Major Weeks' inspiring leadership style and ability to adeptly orchestrate numerous major endeavors concurrently enabled both the 1st MLG G-3 and CLB-15 staffs to maintain an unrelenting operational tempo,” said Lt Col. Robert J. Hillery, commanding officer of Combat Logistics Battalion 11. “Through her personal example of pure endurance and sustained high-level performance, she inspired superiors and subordinates alike.  Her dedication and devotion to the Marines and Sailors under her charge is eye-watering and a testament to her character.  She is an extraordinary example for others to emulate.”



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