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Alpha Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 4, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), tactical vehicles cross an expanse of desert near Forward Operating Base Edinburgh, April 22. The combat logistics patrol supported counter-insurgency operations in the area by providing 235 tons of supplies and 5,000 gallons of fuel to multiple FOBs.

Photo by Cpl. Mark W. Stroud

Combat Logistics Battalion 4 expands patrols to include new supply routes

3 May 2012 | Cpl. Mark W. Stroud 1st Marine Logistics Group

Marines with Alpha Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 4, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), conducted a combat logistics patrol along Route Red-West for the first time and provided tactical logistics support to Forward Operating Base Now Zad, April 21-26.

The CLB-4 patrol delivered 235 tons of supplies and 5,000-gallons of fuel during the operation and retrograded 155 tons of supplies and equipment on their return trip.

“Taking a new route during a [combat logistics patrol] is a challenge because we have to learn the atmospherics along the route,” said 2nd Lt. Charlsie Brooks, platoon commander, 2nd Platoon, Alpha Co., CLB-4.

Alpha Co. worked with the battlespace owners, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 6, and the CLB-4 intelligence section to help prepare themselves for the route and overcome any challenges, said Staff Sgt. Luis R. MartinezBido, platoon sergeant, 2nd Plt., Alpha Co., CLB-4.

“We talked to the units who are familiar with the route to learn what to expect,” said MartinezBido. “We also looked at any significant insurgent activity that has taken place along the route to see what was happening in the area.”

The CLB-4 patrol also provided support to Forward Operating Base Edinburgh, Combat Outpost Eredvi and Forward Operating Base Shir Ghazay, a mission that the Alpha Co. Marines have become proficient at, said MartinezBido.

“The Marines have made very dramatic progress since [the first FOB Edinburgh combat logistics patrol],” said MartinezBido. “They know what is required of them, and they come out here and get it done.”

The convoy was also an opportunity for CLB-4 Marines to work with Afghan National Security Forces.

Afghan National Police assisted the combat logistics patrol by providing security at a series of checkpoints along the roadways, as well as patrolling the area near Forward Operating Base Now Zad, said Brooks.

Preparation for the new route and security operations by the ANP all played into making this mission a success.

“We met the timeline for the mission, avoided any major maintenance issues and continued to support the battlespace owners,” said Brooks.

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