Exercise Croix du Sud 2023
U.S. Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group supported Exercise Croix du Sud 2023 in New Caledonia with a non-combatant evacuation operations team, while also enhancing the Marine Corps’ ability to provide logistical support to the joint force and U.S. Allies and partners in future austere operations.

Exercise Croix du Sud is the New Caledonian Armed Forces’ Combined Joint Task Force certification event with training objectives focused on a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response, Non-combatant Evacuation Operations, and Stability and Support Operations scenario in Oceania with desired effects focused on enhancing military-military, civil-military, and joint/multinational coordination in the region during crisis response.

(U.S. Marine Corps video by Staff Sgt. Dana Beesley)
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