The units deployable mail address is issued by the Consolidated Military Post Office, after the unit postal officer has submitted their Mail Routing Request (MRR). All unit address issued have a unique nine-digit zip code that identifies that particular unit. The address must be used exactly as it is issued! An incorrect nine digit ZIP code will cause the mail to be sent to the wrong location. For more information contact Camp Pendleton Postal Operations at 725-5895.

FIRST CLASS 13 ounces or less
PRIORITY MAIL 70 lbs is the maximum weight
• Fastest/Highly recommended way to send packages

STANDARD MAIL 70 lbs maximum weight
• Slowest/Cheapest way to send packages
• NOT Recommend

• Always use Durable boxes.
• Always use the smallest box possible.
• Place Liquid items such as salsa, lotion and beverages in separate zip lock bags.
• Use Bubble Wrap/ Styrofoam when sending breakable items.
• Recommend nylon filament fiber tape..
• Masking and scotch tape are Not Authorized.
• Never send BULKY items in an envelope (I.E. KEYS, RING, CASSETTE TAPE).

• Use insurance on packages that contain valuable items going to and from the U.S.

• Include the RETURN and ADDRESSEES ADDRESS inside the parcel

• Place the address on only one side of the article being mailed.

Items sent via Non USPS carriers are not handled by Military Postal Clerks.

Do Not Exceed Box Weight Limit
Package items tightly to avoid shifting and ensure the box can withstand the weight by staying within the recommended box standards that are listed on the bottom of most boxes.

• Alcoholic beverages or any consumable items containing Alcohol.
• Obscene material of any type; to include Horror Comics, Matter depicting nude or semi-nude persons, pornography and sexual items.
• Firearms, weapons of any type, including air guns, toy guns.
• Ammunition clip/magazine, live or spent ammo.
• Hazardous materials such as batteries, corrosive items or aerosols.
• Sand and/or soil being sent to the United States.
• Mail Addressed to ANY SERVICE MEMBER.
• PORK and PORK BY-PRODUCTS (CENTCOM deployed addresses)


Postal Questions, please email: i


1st Marine Logistics Group