Deployment Readiness Coordinator

1st TB Deployment Readiness Coordinator

Hello, and welcome to the 1st Transportation Battalion family!

My name is Lauren Van Asdale, and I am the Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC) here at 1st TB. On behalf of LtCol Harkins, SgtMaj Phaire, and the entire command deck, we are so happy to welcome you and your family to the Battalion!

As a Marine Corps spouse, I understand the critical role that family readiness plays in the readiness of our Marines and Sailors. I am here to ensure that you have access to the resources and opportunities that are available to you as a Marine Corps or Navy family. I encourage you to get connected with me and other 1st TB families; I strive to create a community where you feel supported and encouraged as your Marine or Sailor serves here.

We offer a variety of resources and share events and unit information via official information channels. It is important that you seek information about 1st TB from these channels only to ensure accuracy. You will receive monthly emails from me detailing current events here at 1st TB, as well as things happening aboard Camp Pendleton. If you haven't already, please join our 1st TB Significant Others Facebook group, and follow along on our official Facebook page  - 1st Transportation Battalion. If you're having trouble finding these pages, please reach out to me.

If you are local to Camp Pendleton, I encourage you to join us at a Battalion event, or jump in to volunteer (this is a great way to meet new people!). We have access to incredible nature, world-class recreation, and endless activities and entertainment in Southern California - it is an incredible place to live! You can also learn more about recreation opportunities and fun events around base by visiting the MCCS Camp Pendleton website or following along on their Facebook page (MCCS Camp Pendleton). For up-to-date information on base events, including road and gate status, please follow the Camp Pendleton Facebook page or their website.

If you or your family needs assistance, I am here for you. I am here to serve the families 1st TB, whether you live locally or out of the area. I am happy to share the wealth of resources available for military families or assist in times of crisis. You can always reach me via email, phone, or text: or (760) 208-7079.

I hope to speak with you or meet you soon!


Lauren Van Asdale

1st Marine Logistics Group