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Combat Logistics Battalion 11


Combat Logistics Battalion 11

Commander's Guidance

Marines and Sailors my guidance to you is simple and has four tenets.

Accountability: The key to all we do as Marines and Sailors is accountability.
We are accountable to:
Our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment
Our warrior ethos of discipline, ethical conduct, and responsibility
Our commander’s and our oath to support and defend the Constitution
The American Public
We are accountable for:
Our assigned mission
Our Marines and Sailors
Our weapons and equipment
Our words and actions

Conduct: As Marines and Sailors, the Nation has a higher expectation of us. Your standard of conduct both on and off duty must reflect the core values of the Marine Corps and the Navy. Nothing less endangers the reputation of the Naval Service.

Proficiency: Repetition in training breeds proficiency. We will maximize training time, particularly at-sea periods, to ensure we are prepared for the most demanding of missions and environments.

Total Fitness: Our essential tasks are demanding because often the mission requires nothing less than our last full measure. To achieve a balanced approach to mission success, your total fitness is critical. Total fitness is built, maintained, and restored through attention to the "four cords" of fitness.
Body - Proper physical fitness enables you to endure the physical hardships that often accompany the mission.
Mind – Proper mental fitness through continued education both PME and civilian is necessary for keeping your decision making abilities sharp.
Spirit – Spirituality can take many forms but a balanced outlook enhances resiliency to adversity.
Family & Friends – Time with family/friends provides the complete balance and perspective on everything we do. Our mission requires long hours away so time for family/friends must be incorporated into our plans to ensure it is quality time.

Expeditionary operations are challenging and will at times stretch us to our full capabilities. Time and attention must be paid to all four tenets or the ability of the unit to attain mission success will be degraded. These tenets will not be marginalized and together CLB-11 will be successful in our assigned mission.

Edward A. Donovan
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
Commanding Officer


Marines and Sailors,

Hazing is contrary to our Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. It is prohibited and will not be tolerated. The prohibition of hazing in the Marine Corps is covered under MCO 1700.28A and specifies the following:


  • No Marine or Service member attached to a Marine command, including Marine detachments, may engage in hazing or consent to acts of hazing being committed upon them.
  • No commander or individuals in supervisory positions may, by act, word, deed, or omission, condone or ignore hazing if they know or reasonably should have known that hazing may or did occur.
  • It is the responsibility of every Marine and Sailor to ensure that hazing does not occur in any form at any level. We all have the responsibility to inform our chain of command of any violation of this policy.
  • Reprisal actions against any victim or witness of hazing incidents are strictly prohibited.


Hazing is: Hazing can include but is not limited to any form of initiation or congratulatory act that involves physically striking another to inflict pain; piercing another’s skin in any manner; verbally berating another; encouraging another to excessively consume alcohol or encouraging another to engage in illegal, harmful, demeaning or dangerous acts; threatening or offering violence or bodily harm to another; or requiring excessive physical exercise beyond what is required to meet standards.

Hazing is not: Hazing does not include mission or operational activities; training required to prepare for such missions; administrative corrective measures; extra military instruction in accordance with Marine Corps regulations; command authorized physical training and other similar activities authorized by the chain of command.

We all have a right to be treated with dignity and mutual respect. NCOs, SNCOs and officers of this battalion are charged with providing positive leadership to their subordinates and ensuring that this policy is adhered to. Violations of MCO 1700.28A will be dealt with immediately and with the full weight of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Semper Fidelis,

Edward A. Donovan
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC