Safety Policy

"Force preservation is a vital element of our combat readiness. Engaged leadership at all levels is the key to ensuring a command climate that demands the preservation of Marine Corps assets through risk management."

-MCO 5100.29B, Marine Corps Safety Program

The mission of Combat Logistics Battalion 11 is to provide tactical logistics support above the organic capabilities of supported elements of the 11th MEU. "Mission first, safety always" is not just a tag line; it is what guides our actions and habits of thought. We must ensure mission accomplishment while safeguarding our fellow Marines and Sailors. Accomplishing our mission while maintaining the health and well being of our personnel, and preserving the state of our equipment is the fundamental goal of our safety program.

Safety is a mission that simply cannot be accomplished without the efforts of every single member of our Battalion. Safety is a team effort that requires vigilance, persistence and leadership at every level. Our officer and SNCO leaders must be actively engaged in the risk management process to ensure we mitigate potential hazards while implementing proper safety controls. Equally important, our junior leaders will actively engaged in safeguarding the welfare of the Marines and Sailors on their flanks, and possess the moral courage to challenge poor decisions and acts. EVERY member of our Battalion has an obligation to report unsafe acts.

Leaders at all levels must remain vigilant on safety, both on and off-duty, and employ the proven small-unit leadership, supervision, and risk management tools at the lowest level. I charge each and every leader to constantly examine their approach to safety, and bring all available tools to bear to mitigate and manage operational risk.

Force preservation and safety awareness are essential to protecting our most precious asset – the individual Marine and Sailor.

Semper Fidelis,

Lieutenant Colonel, USMC
Commanding Officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 11

1st Marine Logistics Group