Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program Policy


Marines, Sailors and their families are our most valuable resource. The Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) in Combat Logistics Battalion 11 exists to support all Battalion Marines and Sailors, married and single, and their family members. Our command prides itself on mission readiness and force preservation. Our Marines and Sailors can only be fully ready when their families and support networks are prepared for the military lifestyle.

The Marine Corps has established numerous resources to support our Marines, Sailors and families. Our UPFRP is here to help all Marines, Sailors and family members navigate the resources and connect you with the right service at the right time.

Marines, Sailors and family members can contact the Combat Logistics Battalion 11 Family Readiness Officer, Mrs. Catherine Schopp; Combat Logistics Battalion 11 Family Readiness Assistant; the Battalion Single Marine Program Representative, Corporal Wasylyszyn, or a member of the Battalion Command Team (CO, XO, SgtMaj) for guidance or assistance.

The key functions of our UPFRP are to build commitment and camaraderie, raise morale, and raise unit readiness. I see our UPFRP as a combat multiplier equally as important as individual and equipment readiness. My ultimate goal for this program is ready and resilient Marines, Sailors and families able to respond to life, career, and mission events. This resiliency coupled with the knowledge that their families are ready and being cared for allows our Marines and Sailors to focus on the mission.

We need the active participation of all of our Marines, Sailors and family members to make our program work. I fully expect every Marine and Sailor in our Battalion to participate in the program and be accountable for his or her personal and family readiness. I charge leaders at all levels to maintain a sense of importance for our UPFRP. As leaders, we have the obligation to ensure that we take care of our Marines. This includes the families and support networks that they rely upon to complete the demanding tasks and responsibilities in support of the Battalion's mission.




1st Marine Logistics Group