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Combat Logistics Battalion 15

Deployment Readiness
Deployment Readiness Coordinator
    Mrs. Kimberley Gay
Office: 760-405-7995



Welcome to the Combat Logistics Battalion 15 Deployment Readiness page! I am honored to welcome you to the CLB-15 family! I am Nichole Gay the Deployment Readiness Coordinator for the Battalion. I am very happy and honored to be serving the Marines, Sailors and their families. I am a Marine spouse and have had the privilege of volunteering with my husband’s squadron, as well as, key programs across the MCCS spectrum. Through the programs that MCCS has to offer and volunteering, these things have helped me grow in knowledge and give me the strength to be able to support the Marines and their families. It has also provided me with the background and knowledge of an abundance of information and resources that you have at your fingertips.


I have a bachelor’s degree in speech communication—public relations—from Valdosta State University. I am originally from Georgia and now calling San Diego my home until life decides to take me somewhere else. I am extremely blessed to be married to an amazing Marine and have a beautiful and vivacious daughter. My family and I absolutely love sports, especially when it comes to college and NFL football, as well as, baseball, and fishing just to name a few. My husband loves golf and is an avid golfer.

The Marine Corps recognizes that family does not only include the Marine/Sailor, spouses and children, but also extends to parents, friends and anyone else a Marine or Sailor considers family. However you define family—those individuals are now part of the Marine Corps family. I am here for all of you!

My role as the Deployment Readiness Coordinator for CLB-15 is to provide support through official communication, information and referral services, readiness and deployment support, and volunteer management. I am committed to producing a high state of resiliency by providing the tools needed to overcome the challenges of military life. In addition, I have the necessary resources and opportunities to meet their full potential both personally and professionally. There are numerous resources that are available at your fingertips for you and your family. Please contact me anytime you should have questions or concerns.

I strongly encourage you to be an active part of the CLB-15 family! There are a number of ways in which you can do that. Become a Deployment Readiness Volunteer, attend unit functions, and most importantly provide feedback on what you have enjoyed or dreaded about these things, and suggestions on what we could do better. Two-way communication is the absolute key to this program’s success! If you are interested in becoming more involved in our Unit Personal Deployment Readiness Program, contact me! If you are not on eMarine, ask me how I can help you gain access!

Please know that I am here for you and your family. My door is always open to all of you. You can always contact me via email at kimberley.gay@usmc.mil and by phone at (760) 405-7995 any time. I look forward to getting to know you!

Nichole Gay
Deployment Readiness Coordinator
Combat Logistics Battalion 15
Phone: (760) 405-7995



Email: kimberley.gay@usmc.mil