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1st Marine Logistics Group


1st Marine Logistics Group

Victory Through Logistics

CLB-7, HMH-366 air-lift mission-critical containers

By Lance Cpl. Alejandro Bedoya | | August 19, 2013


TWENTYNINE PALMS, Calif. - Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 7 and Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 extracted communication gear from the Combat Center’s Observation Post area July 8. The units used this extraction as a training exercise to better prepare for their upcoming deployments.

The Combat Center’s G-6, Communications and Information Systems, needed the gear moved from the training area. The two units developed this request into a way to enhance their skills working with one another.

CLB-7 provided a team of six Marines to support from the ground while HMH-366 provided a CH53 E for air support.

“It was good training for both units,” said Capt. Molly Leblanc, pilot, HMH 366. “It was also an important mission because it would have cost a lot of money if we were not here to support them in the movement of the containers.”

The two containers were located at each end the Combat Center’s Observation Post Crampton. The Marines with CLB-7 dropped off two Marines at landing zone Gunfighter to keep communication with the air support and then convoyed to the location of the containers.

After reaching the training area, the CLB-7 Marines unloaded their gear and started to prepare the containers for extraction.

Once the containers were ready for extraction, the Marines on the ground would contact the Marines in the air and would rally at an area away from the container.

Two CLB-7 Marines remained at their positions on top of the container.

Once the CH53 E dropped its hooks and flew over the container, the Marines would connect the hooks to the container and then move to the rally point with the other Marines. The CH53 E lifted the container and it was extracted to landing zone Gunfighter.

After watching the first container extraction, the CLB-7 Marines grabbed their gear and moved to the second container repeating all of the same steps.

“It is always a mission, whether it is training or not,” said 1st Lt. DeWayne Townsend, land support platoon commander, CLB-7. “We are going to be deploying soon so it’s always good to get out and do these types of things. This is also the only way this equipment can be moved from here.”