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1st Marine Logistics Group

Victory Through Logistics

Above and beyond

By Lance Cpl. Kyle McNan | 1st Marine Logistics Group | September 7, 2016


CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – The phrase "hard work pays off," has been around for a while; for some people it's just a phrase, for Cpl. Calletano Jimenez it is a way of life.

"Ever since I was a kid my dad told me if you work hard you'll achieve great things," said Jimenez, a tank mechanic with 1st Maintenance Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment, 1st Marine Logistics Group. "So that's what I did."

Jimenez's father, Calletano Jimenez, came to the United States from Atoyac Jalisco, Mexico when he was eight. Upon reaching working age, Callentano started his pursuit of the American dream with hard work and determination. He began by working in a field and ended up owning his own business. Some of his work ethic must have rubbed off onto his son, because Jimenez has already won multiple awards in the Marine Corps for his hard work.

"He says he's proud of what I'm doing," Jimenez said. "He set me up for success."

For his achievements at work, Jimenez was awarded the Maintenance Marine of the Year Award by the Ground Ordnance Maintenance Association. This award recognizes outstanding achievements by field-level units engaged in military equipment and weapon system maintenance within the Department of Defense.

"It doesn't surprise me," says Staff Sgt. Phillip Hazeley. "Since the day I met him he's been a hard worker, if you tell him to do something he will go out and make sure it gets done."

Jimenez is in charge of several Marines of his own and tries to teach them the way to success.

"I want to make them better than I am, by a lot," says Jimenez. "I want them to surpass me."

Jimenez recently took up the responsibility as a vehicle commander and is slated to attend an advanced course for his job. His next goal is a promotion to sergeant. With a little more hard work and continuing to set the example for his Marines, earning the rank of sergeant should not be too far out of reach.