Security Company mans the post

18 Feb 2002 | Sgt. David Christian 1st Marine Logistics Group

As far as the eye can see, strong gusts of wind scatter sand in all directions along the lonely, desert plains. Glimpses of kevlar-helmeted and flak-jacketed warriors can be seen, as they stand firm on the distant horizon.

Marines with Security Company, 1st Force Service Support Group, recently assumed the duties of enforcing defense protection along the entire Tactical Assembly Area Coyote perimeter.

"The threat in the Middle East with Iraq is unstable, and we're out here to defuse it," said Sgt. Carlos Lopez, a sergeant of the guard with the company.

"Our mission in general right now is to provide security, be it on foot, towers or gates," said the Uniondale, N.Y., native.

One of their main responsibilities is the inspection of vehicles that enter each area to ensure no threat comes to the camps.

"We make sure everything that goes in and out of here doesn't have anything that it's not supposed to, and that everyone has proper authorization," said Lance Cpl. Janrey Salvador, a provider of security with the company.

Although most of the Marines with the company hail from various military occupational specialties, they all go through different training each day that will aide them while standing watch.

Salvador, a native of Mundelein, Ill., says he enjoys his job because there is a lot of variety.

The training consists of various security drills and combat formations for all crews.

"Once we call it a day, we do the same thing tomorrow," Lopez said.

The sergeant said he considers it an honor to protect America.

"I'm just proud to be a Marine and do my job for my country and the president," Lopez said.

Security Co. Marines said they understand the importance of their role.

Lopez said he realizes they are responsible for the safekeeping of all personnel aboard the installation, and they accomplish the mission daily through attention to detail and teamwork.
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