Marines in Baghdad clear burned-out building

9 May 2003 | Cpl. Jeff Hawk 1st Marine Logistics Group

Marines from Alpha Company, 1st Infantry Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, cleared bombed out buildings in mid-April looking for enemy snipers who were thought to be targeting a nearby Marine encampment. The Marines enlisted U.S. Army snipers and another Army support unit to assist in the mission.

Prior to the Marines' entrance, Army snipers provided advanced information on activities within a multi-building compound adjoining an Iraqi military memorial park that Marines took over after ousting enemy forces in the city.

Army soldiers assisting the Marines played an Arabic-language voice recording warning inhabitants that U.S. forces planned to enter the compound and instructing them to exit the premises with hands visible and outstretched. After the five minutes expired, Marine forces rushed in and began clearing buildings one by one. They then focused their attention on a burned out multi-level building suspected of harboring enemy snipers.

Two Iraqi civilians exiting the building just prior to the Marines' entrance were questioned and determined to be looters. Marines coordinated a room-by-room, floor-by-floor search of the building.

Though no evidence of a sniper's presence was found, Marines were able to ensure that the building was not housing gunmen attempting to harass and harm nearby American forces.
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