Security Marines change the pace of logistics

7 Nov 2006 | Lance Cpl. Ryan L. Tomlinson 1st Marine Logistics Group

Marines with Security Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 1, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), provide security for re-supply and explosive ordinance disposal missions throughout the restive Al Anbar Province.

“We ensure the flows of (vehicle patrols) are kept away from harm,” said Cpl. Andrew D. Bower, vehicle commander with Team 5, 1st Platoon, Security Company and a native of Rittman, Ohio. “We keep everything safe to rebuild the country.”

Security Company is compiled of Marines with military occupational specialties ranging from infantrymen to landing support specialists.

“It’s a (collection) of MOS’s,” said 2nd Lt. John B. Bowe, 33, commander of 2nd Platoon, Security Company. “The most amazing thing about it is they’re doing what they have always wanted to do as Marines. They’re out there with machine guns and engaging in patrols.”

The company also works with the Iraqi Security Forces so they can assume these responsibilities in the future.

“We work along side the ISF and help them get on their feet towards progress,” said Cpl. Tyler J. Broadhead, 22, a machine gunner with Team 3, 2nd Platoon, Security Company. “It feels great to help establish Iraqi military forces for a stronger Iraq.”

These members of the security team agree the mind set is stressful while engaging in an unknown number of missions but will not let it affect their performance.

“The job is stressful due to the fact that we could be called at anytime to do countless missions per day,” said Sgt. Alexander Castro, 24, security commander for 2nd Platoon and a native of Visalia, Calif. “When I leave the base, I just clear my mind of emotions.”

Convoys will continue to flow throughout the region to benefit U.S. and Iraqi Security Forces, while the Marines remain focused on their mission to provide security.

“We all work together well,” said Lance Cpl. Jacob G. Kaspareck, a machine gunner with Team 1, 1st Platoon, Security Company and a native of La Grande, Ore. “We get the job done no matter the circumstances.”

The Marines with Security Company will continue to run security operations within Al Anbar Province until they return to the United States in spring of 2007.

“The Marines have impressed me beyond belief,” said Bowe, a native of Lake Placid, N.Y. “I wouldn’t trade this unit for anything in the Marine Corps.”
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