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CAMP KOREAN VILLAGE, Iraq (June 26, 2008) ? 1st Lt. Patrick S. Massaro, executive officer, Security Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 6, 1st Marine Logistics Group, scans the horizon during a security halt. Battalion Commander Lt. Col. David J. Eskelund and Battalion Sergeant Major Wayne O. Gallman ventured on a three-day tour of seven locations in the CLB-6 area of operation. The purpose of the tour was to visit with their Marines at all of the detachments and check on the progress of various expansions they are working on. The tour included stops at Korean Village, al-Qaim, Haditha Dam, Gannon II, Tripoli, Rawah and Anah. (Photo by Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina

CLB-6 top leaders survey their AO

25 Jun 2008 | Lance Cpl. Robert C. Medina

AL-ASAD, Iraq (June 25, 2008) – Combat Logistics Battalion 6’s top leaders visited seven of the locations across al-Anbar province that they support for Multi-National Force-West, June 25-27.

 The purpose of the various visits was to meet face-to-face with CLB-6 Marines and see the progress made on numerous construction projects in the area. The battalion commander and battalion sergeant major visited with the troops and checked the serviceability of equipment vital to mission accomplishment. The visit included stops at Forward Operating Base Korean Village, al-Qaim, Haditha Dam and Combat Outposts Gannon, Tripoli, Rawah and Anah.

 During the convoy’s stop at COP Gannon, CLB-6 engineers prepared the ground for the new, and much larger, location for a Future Operations facility.

 “This is a perfect example of how engineers take a piece of ground and transform it,” said Lt. Col. David J. Eskelund, battalion commander, CLB-6, 1st Marine Logistics Group.

 The new site (next to the original COP) will be twice the original size, according to Warrant Officer David D. Clerk, support platoon commander, Engineer Company, CLB-6. Engineers with 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 22nd Naval Construction Regiment, will be building the Southwest Asia huts for service members to use as living quarters and common areas.

 “It doesn’t matter what unit is out here,” said Sgt. Maj. Wayne O. Gallman, battalion sergeant major, CBL-6. “We will support them.” 

During the stop at COP Rawah, Eskelund and Gallman spoke with Marines at the chow hall and inspected the new medical facilities that were completed a few weeks ago.

“Due to the increasing size of the COP, the medical facilities needed to expand,” explained Eskelund. “This will provide better sanitary working conditions for the medical personnel.”

CLB-6 Marines at Haditha Dam are doing their part by running the exchange, postal, disbursing and the chow hall for the service members there. The purification of drinking water is another vital role that CLB-6 accomplishes at the dam. 

Providing security throughout the convoy was Security Company, CLB-6. This company is comprised of Marines from an array of occupations stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

“We have been doing these kinds of escorts a lot this deployment,” said Lance Cpl. Jeff Stromberg, driver, Security Co., CLB-6. “The battalion CO likes to get out and see first hand what his sections are doing.”

Gallman explained that it’s important as leaders to get out and see all the Marines in the battalion, wherever they are.

“You can’t have leadership from behind the desk,” continued Gallman.

Prior to the deployment, CLB-6 had only three months to assemble the Marines they needed.

“It’s unbelievable the things these Marines are doing,” Gallman said. “I’m definitely impressed. That gives you a snapshot of the caliber of Marines we have out there.”  

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