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Capt. Richard Martinez, 42, from Isabela, Puerto Rico, commanding officer of Food Service Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, unfurls the company's guidon during an activation ceremony at Camp Pendleton, Feb. 22.

Photo by Cpl. Jacob Singsank

Food Service Company stands on their own

2 Mar 2010 | Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank 1st Marine Logistics Group

In July 2006, an activation ceremony was conducted for Food Service Company, but due to the high operational tempo of that time and the shortage of personnel to fill key leadership positions, the regimental commander decided to furl the company's guidon, placing the company under the command of Service Company, CLR-17.

The Marines in Food Service Company provide food service support to the Marines and sailors throughout Camp Pendleton in the 14, 43, and 62 areas. Additionally, food service Marines provided field food service support in Operation Iraqi Freedom and currently in Operation Enduring Freedom, and to all the combat logistics battalions.

"The mission of Food Service Company is to provide direct and general field food service support to 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force Command Element and Ground Combat element, exceeding their organic capabilities," said Capt. Richard Martinez, commanding officer of Food Service Company. Martinez said that he's excited to finally have the company back. He served as the Service Company commanding officer prior to Food Service Company standing up.

Since the company has been stood up, nothing will change with how the Marines and sailors receive their food, the only change is to the food service Marine's chain of command will. They'll be operating as their own company and no longer fall under Service Company.

"It is always a privilege to lead Marines," said Martinez, 42, from Isabela, Puerto Rico. "It's a humbling and rewarding feeling to be given the privilege and opportunity to lead such a special company."

There is no intent is to have Food Service Company's guidon furl in the near future.
"Every Marine needs to be fed," said Martinez. "Their day begins and ends with a quality meal provided by one of our food service Marines."
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