3rd Annual Motor-T Event

30 Mar 2010 | Cpl. Shannon McMillan 1st Marine Logistics Group

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Marines from all ranks and civilian employees from motor transport duty stations across the world attend the 3rd Annual Motor Transport Symposium held this year at the Westin Hotel in San Diego from March 30 to April 1.

Attendees came to the event with an understanding of current operations and procedures and left with new information on what the future can and will offer. Marines and civilians alike were able to voice their concerns not only to their peers but to their senior leadership as well.

"It gets better every year," said Chief Warrant Officer 4 Benino Guerrero, operations officer, 1st Marine Logistics Group. "This event, from the beginning, was to help reset the Motor-T community."

Guerrero explained the purpose of the event was for the community to come together as a team to discuss concerns and come up with solutions.

In addition to discussing successful operating procedures, the attendees where also briefed on future plans that will support the war-fighters who are forward and those who will be deploying in the near future.

"As we discussed concerns, we came up with solutions. This provides an opportunity for all shops throughout the Corps to run the same way," said Guerrero, who is one of the original creators of the symposium.

During the event, classes where given on a variety of topics that effected the Motor-T population. Topics of concern included new equipment, school seats in furthering a Marine's military occupation specialty education, special duty stations and future logistical support.

As the classes were conductMarine ed, there was a discussion period with the attendees. This provided an opportunity for those who had concerns to speak freely to those who may have solutions.

"Its great to get the community together," said Brig. General Michael Brogan, commander, Marine Corps Systems Command and guest speaker of the event.

He explained it provides an opportunity to gather and bring up situations to senior leadership who are the ones that need to hear it and who can fix it.

Over the years the attendance for the event has grown, which seems to correlate with the positive changes and improvements being made out in the fleet.

"A few years ago i saw us as 93 percent (work proficiency), now I see us around 95," Guerrero said. "I plan on attending next year and look forward to the upcoming results."
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