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Citizens of Oceanside interact with a static display by Marines and sailors with 1st Marine Logistics Group in Oceanside, Calif., during the annual Harbor Days celebration, Sept. 25. The display allowed the visitors to learn about the equipment service members use overseas.

Photo by Pfc. Timothy Childers

Marines, sailors showcase gear at Oceanside Harbor Days

25 Sep 2011 | Pfc. Timothy Childers 1st Marine Logistics Group

Every year the citizens of Oceanside celebrate with food, craft exhibits, and static displays during an event called Harbor Days. Among the many attractions at the two-day festival from Sept. 24 - 25, Marines and sailors take their part and display some of the equipment they use overseas.
Marines and sailors with 1st Marine Logistics Group presented a static display during the celebration, showing off a Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite, which is used to stabilize injured service members close to the frontlines of combat.
In addition, Marines also displayed a Humvee, two 7-ton supply trucks, and even the contents of a Meal Ready to Eat.
The harbor is shared by both service members of Camp Pendleton and the citizens of Oceanside. It is important for the service members to display the equipment they use to the public, allowing the people of Oceanside to learn more about their neighbors at Camp Pendleton, said Jim Wood, mayor of Oceanside.
Throughout the day, many people asked questions about the trucks, the FRSS, and even about the MREs.
“I’ve displayed vehicles here a couple of times and there are always people interested in what the military does,” said Cpl. Ramiro Saucedo, military policeman, Military Police Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, “I’m glad I could come out here and show them just a sample of the equipment we use out in the field.”
Many of the visitors to the display said they were very grateful that the Marines and sailors shared their time to display the equipment.
“It’s good for the kids to see the equipment that’s actually used in the military,” said Glen Sincera, a retired soldier.
Even the mayor displayed his attention for the display by stopping by and talking with the service members.
Wood said he talks with the Marines and sailors every year and learns a lot from them.
“The service members are my heroes,” said Wood. “I come over here to thank them for their service.”
“Not only did we get to share our knowledge about the equipment to the public, setting up the FRSS allowed the corpsmen to get some training too,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Richard L. McFarland, senior medical expert, Surgical Company B, CLR-15, 1st MLG.
Being able to construct an operating FRSS in the early morning hours gave the sailors a chance to refresh their ability to set up at a moment’s notice.
The static display set up by both the Marines and sailors from 1st MLG proved to be a crowd pleaser to the citizens of Oceanside during the Harbor Days event. Not only was the public educated about the equipment service members use overseas, but the Marines and sailors were given a chance to test their own knowledge by answering the countless questions by the public and practice building a fully operational FRSS.

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