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After an amazing season of continuous wins, Marines and sailors with the 1st Marine Logistics Group football team the Beast made it to the Camp Pendleton Cup here Nov. 20. Playing against the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Falcons, the Beast went on to win the championship 14-6.

Photo by Sgt. Michele Watson

Beast wins championship with undefeated season

26 Nov 2012 | Sgt. Michele Watson 1st Marine Logistics Group

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – From football training to the regular season to playoffs, the 1st Marine Logistics Group Beast succeeded in defeating every team they faced this year on the field.

After an amazing season of continuous wins, Marines and sailors with the Beast made it to the Camp Pendleton Cup championship game to face the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Falcons, here, Nov. 20.

Winning the coin toss, the Beast deferred to the second half and kicked off to the Falcons.

Both teams played a strong defense and kept the ball centrally located for most of the first quarter. Despite an interception thrown by Beast quarterback Matthew Petrie, the Falcons were not able to score from the recovery.

With only a few minutes left in the first quarter, the Falcons fumbled the ball, which was picked up by defense player Steven Koller, who ran it for the first touchdown of the game. The extra point kicked by Christian Proud brought the score to 7-0.

During the second quarter, the ball was held mostly in centerfield by both the Beast and the Falcons. In the last minute of the half, the Beast finally got the ball within field goal range. The kick was blocked, but a penalty by the Falcons resulted in the Beast getting a fourth down repeat.

The Beast set up for another field goal attempt and the ball was snapped. Surprising the Falcons and confusing their defense, the Beast faked the field goal and the ball was passed off to wide receiver Charles "Hester" Robinson, who ran it for a first down. With only seconds left in the first half, Petrie ran the ball into the end zone for the second touchdown of the game.

The extra point was good, bringing the score to 14-0 at halftime.
The Beast started the second half with possession of the ball, but neither team was able to add points during the third quarter. Both teams caught an interception, but neither was able to get any points out of it. The Beast came within field goal range; however, the kick was no good.

In the final quarter, the Falcons started feeling more pressure to stay in the game. A long pass caught by Falcon receiver Gregory Sergeant brought the Falcons to first and goal. The team was able to score a touchdown. As the clock ticked, the Falcons had to go for a two-point conversion if they were going to have a chance to win. The attempt was failed, and no more points were added to the board. The final score was 14-6.

The 1st MLG Beast was announced as the champions of the Camp Pendleton Cup and will play a final game against the Marine Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms to compete for the "Best of the West" football team here, Dec. 8.

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