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Charles "Hester" Robinson, receiver for the 1st Marine Logistics Group Beast football team, catches a touchdown pass during the Best of the West football game against Combat Logistics Battalion 7, at Camp Pendleton, Calif., Dec. 8. The Beast defeated CLB-7 with a dominating score of 28-0. The Beast won the Camp Pendleton Football League championship on Nov. 20, with an undefeated season. CLB-7 represented the Marine Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms football league champions.

Photo by Sgt. Michele Watson

Beast claims victory in Best of the West

11 Dec 2012 | Sgt. Michele Watson 1st Marine Logistics Group

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - After winning the Camp Pendleton Cup football championship game with an undefeated season, the 1st Marine Logistics Group football team, the Beast, went on to destroy their opponent in the Best of the West game against the Combat Logistics Battalion 7 team from Marine Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, here, Dec. 8.

Winning the coin toss, the Beast deferred to the second half and kicked off to CLB-7.

CLB-7 started the first few minutes of the game using two timeouts in an attempt to be the first team to put points on the board. With no luck, the ball went back to the Beast.

At the far side of the field with third down and long, Beast quarterback Matthew Petree threw an amazing 18-yard pass caught by Jordan Ratliff for a first down. At 7:49 in the first quarter, the Beast used the momentum and completed a pass to Jay Winters for the first touchdown of the game.

The extra point kicked by Christian Proud brought the score to 7-0.

During most of the second quarter, both defensive lines prevented any points from being scored.

With 3:40 left in the first half, the Beast decided to go for it on fourth down. A short pass by the Beast helped continue its push to the end zone.

The Beast made it to the goal line but a penalty caused the team a ten-yard penalty. With seconds left in the half and the ball on the 13-yard line, Petree threw a pass to receiver Charles “Hester” Robinson for a second touchdown.

The Beast kicked off to CLB-7 with 24-seconds left until halftime. CLB-7 received the ball but fumbled it, giving the Beast another chance to score before the second quarter ended.

Petree threw a pass in the end zone but CLB-7 picked off the ball, leaving the scoreboard reading 14-0 at halftime.

The Beast started the second half with the ball. At 9:46 in the third quarter, Petree threw his third touchdown pass of the game, this time to Tony Ortiz. CLB-7 blocked the extra point attempt by Proud, bringing the score to 20-0.

Although CLB-7 recovered a fumble by their running back, the team was incapable of scoring against the Beast. Going into the fourth quarter, Beast middle linebacker Matthem Daniels intercepted a pass from the CLB-7 quarterback.

With fourth down and four-yards to go, the Beast set up for a punt to CLB-7. The Beast faked the punt and picked up the first down.

Petree completed his fourth touchdown of the game, hooking up with Winters for a second time in the game. The Beast missed the extra point but the score of 26-0 brought on the mercy rule. With 6:17 left, the rule prevented the clock from stopping for the duration of the game.

After getting the ball back with 2:30 left, the Beast pushed CLB-7 back into the end zone and gained two more points with a safety. The clock ticked away and the Best of the West reached an end with a final score of 28-0.


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