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Brigadier Gen. Vincent Coglianese, commanding general, 1st Marine Logistics Group, observes the ceremony re-designating Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st MLG as Headquarters Regiment aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., March 31, 2014. The re-designation took place on the eighth anniversary of CLR-17’s beginning in 2006.

Photo by Sgt. Sarah Fiocco

CLR-17 re-designates as HQ Reg.

7 Apr 2014 | Sgt. Sarah Fiocco 1st Marine Logistics Group

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - Marines making up the seven subordinate units of the former Combat Logistics Regiment 17, 1st Marine Logistics Group, stood in formation as onlookers watched a ceremony re-designating it as Headquarters Regiment aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., March 31, 2014.

The specific date of the regiment’s renaming comes on the anniversary of many prominent military-related culminations and beginnings throughout history.

In 1991, the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance between the Soviet Union and Eastern European satellites, came to an end, symbolically ending the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, said Col. Erik B. Kraft, regimental commanding officer, HQ Reg., 1st MLG.

Kraft also mentioned that in 1993, the Navy decommissioned the USS Missouri, the last active-duty battleship that fought through the Korean War and into the Gulf War.

Although all these events qualify as auspicious moments in military history, there is one occasion that holds significant importance to the regiment itself.

“Eight years ago, was the first day that CLR-17 came into existence,” explained Kraft. “Our history goes back much longer than 2006. It goes back to 1992 when First Force Service Support Group (Forward) was established. It wasn’t long after that First Force Service Support Group (FWD) became the Brigade Service Support Group 1. For a short stint during Operation Iraqi Freedom 1, we became Combat Service Support Group 11.”

The regiment has changed its name five times in the last 22 yearsaveraging a name approximately every four years.

“You might ask yourself, ‘why is it important that we’re out here today and why this rates a parade?’” said Kraft as he addressed the crowd. “[To put it] simply, it’s not about the name. It’s about the Marines and sailors out here before you. It’s about our shared history.”

While the name of the regiment has changed, its mission has not. Just as the 1st MLG phrase goes, the Marines of HQ Reg. will continue to provide excellence in service and support.

“I am extremely proud to be the last commanding officer of CLR-17, and simultaneously, I’m proud to be the first commanding officer of Headquarters Regiment,” said Kraft.

The unit’s re-designation comes as the 1st Marine Logistics Group reorganizes its assets to be able to better support the I Marine Expeditionary Force. This newly renamed regiment is home to the Combat Logistics Battalions that provide logistics support the Marine Expeditionary Units, along with services like postal, disbursing, contracting and food service.

“This regiment has always served Headquarters’ Regiment,” said Col. Joseph N. Raftery, 1st MLG operations officer. “It is a complex and strong unit with a lot of responsibility, ensuring the MLG can function and operate efficiently.”

According to Raftery this most recent change is only one of several being made over the next year to ensure MLGs efficiency and effectiveness, no matter the mission.

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