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AR-RAMADI, Iraq (September 6, 2008) – Lance Cpl. Ryan A. Levy, 20, motor transportation operator with Combat Logistics Company 51, Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group from Miami, fits a grease point on a logistics vehicle system at Camp Ramadi Sept. 6. Marines with CLC-51 conducted preventative maintenance checks and services on vehicles during the night in order to meet mission requirements. Because the equipment absorbs the heat of the sun during the day, Marines begin work at dusk in order to safely perform their duties. (Photo by Lance Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank

CLC-51 beats the heat

6 Sep 2008 | Lance Cpl. Jacob A. Singsank 1st Marine Logistics Group

AR-RAMADI, Iraq (September 6, 2008) – When the sun goes down, Combat Logistics Company 51 works through the night to avoid the heat.

Marines with CLC-51, Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group conduct preventative maintenance checks and services during the night to proficiently complete the mission.

Temperatures in Iraq have reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the past two weeks. “The vehicles are hot and being utilized during the day,” said Sgt. Raul T. Villegas, motor transportation chief with CLC-51.

When the sun beats down on the vehicles in the motor pool, the equipment absorbs the heat, making it dangerous for the Marines to work on them. At dusk, CLC-51 Marines don’t waste any time to start working.

“We are doing preventative maintenance checks and services to keep the motor transportation vehicles mission capable so we can provide support to the units that depend on us,” said Sgt. Luis F. Rosales, 30, MT dispatcher with CLC-51, from Seattle. 

Marines with CLC-51 demilitarize combat outposts and resupply water, food and fuel to bases throughout their area of operation. The vehicles used for these missions are vital for Coalition Forces’ role in Iraq.

“We’re looking over the basic component parts to make sure the vehicles are mission capable,” said Cpl. Steven R. Walker, logistics vehicle system operator with CLC-51.

 Service members with MT Co., conduct preventative maintenance checks and services once a month. It takes two mechanics approximately 90 minutes to work on each vehicle. While maintaining the equipment, the mechanics and operators put forth all effort to enable service members to utilize the equipment outside the wire.

Motor transportation vehicles need to be dependable for mission completion. “When it comes down to it, when we’re in the middle of Ramadi, we don’t want to get stuck there,” said Walker, 20, from Tucson, Ariz.

 Marines with CLC-51 also take extra precautions by inspecting each vehicle before they go out on a mission.

 “The Marines here are good to go,” said Villegas, 26, from Center, Colo. “They’re giving one-hundred percent, like always.”

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