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Sgt. Christopher Witte, a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense specialist, with 2nd platoon, Motor Transport Company A, Combat Logistics Battalion 3, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), provides security as part of a long security halt during a resupply convoy, Oct. 14.

Photo by Cpl. Paul D. Zellner II

Combat Logistics Battalion 3 begins independent operations

14 Oct 2010 | Cpl. Paul D. Zellner II 1st Marine Logistics Group

Marines from Combat Logistics Battalion 3, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), are conducting independent operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom after the official transfer of authority was held, Oct. 18.

Marines from 2nd Platoon, Motor Transport Company A, CLB-3, 1st MLG (FWD), embarked on their own convoy from Camp Dwyer to resupply Forward Operating Base Geronimo, Oct. 14.

Their mission for the day was to deliver provisions and other essential supplies to the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment based out of the FOB.

For the past two weeks, Marines and sailors from CLB-3 have been taking part in “side by side” operations while learning from Combat Logistics Battalion 5, the unit they replaced.

“CLB-5 did an excellent job understanding how to correctly load vehicles in this terrain,” said 1st Lt. Brian Basile, 2nd Platoon commander, Motor Transport Company A, CLB-3, 1st MLG (FWD). “We are learning from that and continuing to improve upon it. By doing this, our mission out here will be successful -- that’s my guarantee.”

Though the last of the operations were categorized as Combat Logistics Battalion 5 missions, they were carried out by CLB-3 personnel as the final stage of the turnover. It was time for CLB-3 to show what they had learned from their predecessors, who conducted numerous resupply missions within the area of operations during their tour.

Though these missions may become routine, the Marines must always remember their training and never allow complacency to set in, Basile added.

“We continuously include the enemy threat in our convoy briefs,” Basile, 26, from Clinton, Conn. native said. “That will raise eyebrows every single time. When the Marines understand that their job entails operating in a hostile environment, they will continue to maintain situational awareness and vigilance throughout every convoy. Complacency isn’t an avenue of approach to any mission. Complacency isn’t an option -- and it sure as hell won’t be in CLB-3.”

The Marines and sailors from CLB-3 will now begin operating independently as they begin their deployment in support of Regimental Combat Team-1 and other units within the AO.

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