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G-1 (Admin)



  • AC/S G-1

(760) 725-5047

  • AC/S Deputy G-1

(760) 725-1830

  • G-1 Chief

(760) 725-5500

  • Adjutant

(760) 763-3208

  • Adjutant Chief

(760) 725-5854

  • Manpower

(760) 725-5668

  • Manpower Chief

(760) 763-9099



"We will always have opportunities for retention of quality Marines"

Career Retention Specialists are responsible to three different people. The first, and most important, is the individual Marine. The Career Retention Specialist is also responsible to the commander, as well as Headquarters Marines Corps (MMEA-6). The primary mission of the Career Retention Specialist is to take care of Marines in the unit by assisting them in improving their performance and competitiveness for promotion and retention. This includes advising Marines on the following: Enlisted Career Force Controls (ECFC's) (promotion tempos, service limits, FTAP); required PME, the Fitness Report Audit Program; Performance Evaluation Review Board; B-billets and special assignments; selection zones for promotion; remedial promotion boards; involuntary separation pay; and the use of the enlisted career counseling service.


1st mlg career retention reps

  • 1st MLG SNCOIC: (760) 725-5344/45 / DSN: 365-5344/45

  • CLR-1: (760) 725-6750 / DSN 365-6750

  • CLR 15: (760) 763-3801 / DSN 365-4630

  • CLR 17: (760) 725-5798 / DSN 365-5798





1st Marine Logistics Group