G-2 (Intel)



The G-2 is a service-oriented organization that strives to provide its customers with innovative and accurate products. Our focus is Logistical Intelligence, which centers on the rear area of the operational theater. This emerging field embodies traditional and nontraditional intelligence methods. Extending beyond the conventional method of depicting the weather, enemy and terrain, we utilize advanced technologies to give the battlefield commander a fresh perspective on the terrain and possibilities for its usage. Our goal is to set the standard for Logistical Intelligence throughout the Marine Corps. To that end, our team of dedicated professionals will strive to anticipate requirements and ensure quality products are delivered in a relevant and timely manner. 

To accomplish our mission, we follow a set of processes designed to customize our products to the specific needs of our customers. We identify those intelligence products which are best suited to meet the customer's needs based on time and the availability of resources. Our primary concern is to identify those ports of entry and transportation networks suitable for supporting large scale military operations. Additionally, we identify existing facilities within the theater to be used in an effort to reduce our load requirements. Utilizing advanced technology and sophisticated intelligence processes, we generate detailed transportation and infrastructure studies which reflect the impact of weather and terrain on military operations. Our process is complete when we disseminate our products to our customers, emphasizing the essential information needed to aid in their decision-making process.

Our goals within the G-2 are simple: Anticipate customer requirements; stay abreast of emerging technologies and incorporate them into our organization; continually refine the Logistical Intelligence Preparation of the Battle space process; and implement a comprehensive counterintelligence and anti-terrorism program throughout the Group.


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1st Marine Logistics Group