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Family Readiness Policy


The mission of CLB-5’s Unit Personal and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is to train, prepare, and inform Marines, Sailors, and families in order to ensure resiliency when faced with the challenges of deployments and being away from home. Only when every Marine, Sailor, and family achieves this level of personal and family readiness will our Sentinel family be truly mission capable.

As a team, we have worked hard to make ourselves ready however; operational readiness is only one part. Personal and family readiness, in addition to operational readiness, are the cornerstones of a unit. We are enabled to focus on the mission when we know that our network of support is there when needed. Our success as an institution is inextricably linked to the morale and well-being of our most sacred resource which is the individual Marine, Sailor, and their family. In other words, with families in a higher state of readiness, individual Marines are better able to perform their assigned missions efficiently, effectively and safely. Family readiness remains as important a combat multiplier as individual, equipment and combat readiness. Each member must strive to be personally responsible and accountable for their personal and family readiness.

To meet this end, the CLB-5 UPFRP is designed to assist our Marines, Sailors, and families in not just surviving, but thriving despite some of the stresses and hardships we face during deployments, or those that come with just simply being stationed overseas. While no one program can completely negate the sacrifices inherent and unavoidable in the Naval Service, UPFRP can leverage resources and significantly mitigate the negative aspects. As a byproduct, families and their Marine/Sailor will experience improved quality of life and a will be empowered to make things better.

We will accomplish this by focusing our efforts and resources together as a family. To help facilitate this, our Family Readiness Officer (FRO), oversees the following components of the program:

Official Communication: providing a venue for sharing timely, accurate information.

Readiness and Deployment Support: preparing Marines, Sailors, and families for separation during field time and deployments as well as the stresses and joys of reunion.

Information and Referral: promoting and leveraging available station and community resources.

Volunteer Facilitation: enabling, training, supervising, communicating with, and recognizing the contributions of our incredible UPFRP volunteers.

There are numerous resources available to assist in the pursuit and achievement of a high state of personal and family readiness. I charge all leaders to assist in the implementation of this program by providing counsel to Marines on the opportunities to participate in UPFRP training and events.

By focusing on personal and family readiness and participating in events and training, the Marines, Sailors, and families of CLB-5 will be able to "bring it to the fight".



"No Excuses"
J.F. Soto JR.





1st Marine Logistics Group