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Battalion OOD Desk: 760-830-5948

Battalion OOD Cell: 760-401-1318

Barracks Duty: 760-830-5161

Battalion Commander: 760-830-7676

Battalion Executive Officer: 760-830-6876

Battalion SgtMaj: 760-830-6780

Chaplain: 760-830-6286

DRC: 760-830-5942 Cell: 760-401-6358

S-1: 760-830-6310

S-2: 760-830-6946

S-3: 760-830-6673

S-4: 760-830-8385

S-6: 760-830-7507

Organic Supply: 760-830-6086

Intermediate Supply: 760-830-6749

BAS: 760-830-3850

H&S Co Office: 760-830-8387

Motor T CO Office: 760-830-6748

Support CO Office: 760-830-5061




1st Marine Logistics Group