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Hazing Statement


Commanding General's Statement on Hazing

Per MCO 1700.28B, hazing is "any conduct whereby a military member or members, regardless of service or rank, without proper authority causes another military member or members, regardless of service or rank, to suffer or be exposed to any activity which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful. Soliciting or coercing another to perpetrate any such activity is also considered hazing. Hazing need not involve physical contact among or between military members; it can be verbal or psychological in nature." The act of hazing degrades an individual's self-worth, is detrimental to good order of discipline, and if tolerated, erodes our unit cohesion as well as our ability to accomplish our mission. Hazing is a leadership issue, and I expect unit leaders at every level to provide proper training, mentorship, and supervision to ensure hazing does not occur.

Examples of hazing include, but are not limited to, rites of passage, branding, striking, incentive PT, forced consumption of food, alcohol or other substances, "pinning," and forms of initiation or congratulatory acts that involve physical or emotional harm. It can occur even when no malicious intent is present and regardless of a person’s willingness to participate.

Hazing, in any form, is prohibited and will not be tolerated in 1st MLG, and all substantiated allegations of hazing will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. It is the responsibility of every Marine and Sailor to report any perceived acts of hazing immediately to their chain of command. Commanders will report and investigate all allegations of hazing to determine the facts. Anyone who hazes or seeks to retaliate against victims or witnesses of hazing will face appropriate disciplinary action.

If you are the victim of hazing or witness incidents of hazing, use the following avenues of approach to seek redress:

  • Inform your chain of command. If your immediate supervisors are involved, request mast to your Commanding Officer or to myself.
  • Call the Inspector General, 1st MLG at (760) 763-9419.



Semper Fidelis,

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

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