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Safety Statement


Commanding General's Safety Policy

Every Marine, Sailor and Civilian within 1st Marine Logistics Group (MLG) is an integral part to our success. Accordingly, your safety and welfare are of utmost importance. Serious injuries or death are often tragically debilitating to our unit family, whether they occur in combat or in garrison. Such losses severely impact mission readiness and are tremendously damaging to unit morale and cohesion. Ensuring the safety and well-being of one another must remain a key component of our operational continuum both on and off duty.

Our safety program is more than policy; it is a mindset, a commitment, and a vow among and to each member of our 1st MLG Family recognizing that we must be ever-ready for combat missions in every clime and place at a moment’s notice. Because of its all-encompassing reach, our safety program requires the unwavering support of all hands and proactive personal involvement at all levels. It begins with our invaluable small-unit leaders who drive and supervise this imperative, and it continues throughout all elements of our organization with sustained vigilance by each and every member of our organization. Our commitment to each other, embodied within our safety program, is at the forefront of what we do as Marines and Sailors. It enhances our warfighting effectiveness, and as such, it is always present throughout our daily actions and decisions. We must logically think of the consequences of our actions and recognize how reckless behavior jeopardizes the well-being of our team, adversely impacts our warfighting prowess, and impairs our ability to accomplish the mission.

Everything that we do possesses some inherent degree of risk. Combat Logistics Patrols, HST operations, Engineering operations, Maintenance Support Teams, EOD operations, Supply and Warehousing actions, Warfighter Express Support Teams, Surgical Platoon operations, and a whole host of other actions that we perform daily all carry associated risks with them. Accordingly, focused and attentive leadership, with a foundation built on common sense and sound judgment are absolute musts. Controlling and mitigating risk is critical to our ability to train and maintain our war fighting edge regardless of operational complexity. Foresight and planning can be the difference between a safe, successful mission and a life-threatening or disastrous outcome.

The 1st MLG Safety Program requires the absolute support of all hands military and civilian. Safety must be integrated within everything we do. Personal engagement of leaders at all levels is an obligation. It is the responsibility of commanders to implement procedures—and the task of small unit leaders to employ—safe practices through active leadership and hold those accountable for bad decisions.

Our effectiveness—and that of those whom we are responsible for supporting—requires every Marine, Sailor, and Civilian to acknowledge risks, respect risks, and mitigate risks as an inherent part of our daily lives. Mishaps and casualties, both on and off-duty, impact individual and unit readiness. This is a Group effort, and I expect each of you to contribute fully to ensuring your personal and our collective safety. 1st MLG is a family, and we cannot afford to lose any family members because of senseless actions or poor judgement. We must always be fully prepared to answer the nation’s call and respond to crises worldwide.

Semper Fidelis,

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

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