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Commanding General's Statement on Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity is a leadership issue. We take pride in owning that name “Marine” and share a faithful bond with all others who have earned that title. We belong to a Corps that prides itself on being a "special breed," different from other fighting organizations. The Marine Corps is more capable and effective because of our ability to integrate and afford all individuals the equal opportunity to excel without regard to their race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. We leverage these differences to accomplish the mission and achieve extraordinary things in the defense of our Nation.

Leaders have a responsibility to create environments free from discrimination and prejudice and must work to ensure the individual contributions of every member of our organization are respected and appreciated. Treating each other with disrespect or prejudice is the surest way to break the special trust we share with our fellow Warriors and dampen the fighting spirit of our unit. Therefore, it is our duty to ensure our commitment to each other is unfailing. Our Equal Opportunity Policy is simple:

Marines and Sailors of the 1st Marine Logistics Group will treat each other with equality, dignity, and respect. We will not tolerate any behavior that compromises the dignity of one of our fellow Warriors.

Every Marine and Sailor in our Group deserves to be and will be treated fairly and equally. Our only judgments will be based on an individual's conduct, merit, fitness, and performance as a Marine or Sailor.

Leaders will foster an atmosphere that enables all Marines to reach their full potential without fear of discrimination and create a command climate that allows anyone to report instances contrary to this policy. Those who violate this policy as well as those who knowingly make false allegations will be subject to disciplinary actions. All Marines and Sailors are encouraged to use the Informal Resolution System to deal with issues immediately and directly. Whenever necessary, any member of the 1st MLG may file a formal complaint through the Equal Opportunity Advisor or through other formal processes such as request mast. The Group Equal Opportunity Advisor is available to provide advice or assistance and can be reached at (760) 725-5117 or (760) 213-4522.

The Marine Corps thrives on our differences; our individualities forge a strengthened bond of commitment to one another and provide our Nation with a premier force in readiness. We will leverage advantages from the diversity that each individual brings to our Corps. Together, we will create and sustain an environment that cultivates respect for every member of 1st MLG. Semper Fidelis!

Semper Fidelis,

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, 1st Marine Logistics Group

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