Commanding Officer Combat Logistics Regiment 1
Colonel P. N. Wilson

Colonel Wilson is a native of Plano, TX. He graduated from Texas A&M and was commissioned a Marine Second Lieutenant in 1998.

Colonel Wilson’s service in the operating forces include: Engineer Platoon Commander, 2nd CEB (April 1999 – November 2000); Bn Engineer Officer and Security Platoon Commander (November 2000 – June 2002); Engineer Company Commander, CLB 5.2 (July 2006 – March 2007, Operation Iraqi Freedom); Operations Officer, Combat Logistics Battalion 11 (March 2007 – July 2008, 11th MEU WESTPAC); Division Engineer Officer and Plans Officer, 1st Marine Division (July 2008 – Feb 2009); Operations Officer, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion (Feb 2009 – December 2009, Operation Enduring Freedom); Assistant Current Operations Officer, 1st Marine Division (December 2009 – June 2010); Plans Officer, III MEF G-5 (August 2011 – June 2014); Plans Officer, III MEF G-35 (August 2016 – April 2017); Commanding Officer, Marine Wing Support Squadron 172 (May 2017 – May 2019); A/CS G-3, 1st Marine Logistics Group (July 2022 – January 2023).

Outside the operating forces, Colonel Wilson’s service includes Warfighting Instructor, Staff Platoon Commander, and Company XO, The Basic School (July 2002 – June 2005); Head, Readiness Section, Readiness Branch (POR), PP&O (July 2014 – June 2016); Division Chief, NATO and Turkey Policy Division, Joint Staff J-5 (June 2020 – June 2022).

Colonel Wilson has attended various schools and courses, including Officers Candidates School (PLC); The Basic School; Combat Engineer Officer’s Course; Light Armored Reconnaissance Leaders Course; Summer Mountain Leaders Course; Expeditionary Warfare School; Marine Corps Command and Staff College (non-resident); School of Advanced Warfighting; Red Team Member Training; Joint Logistics Officers Course; and the National War College.

1st Marine Logistics Group