Commanding Officer Combat Logistics Battalion 11
Lieutenant Colonel K.E. Wagner

Lieutenant Colonel Wagner grew up in Byfield, Massachusetts. She entered the Marine Corps in June 2001 and attended Officers Candidate School OCC Class 177 as part of the Platoon Leaders Course (Combined).  In May 2002, LtCol Wagner graduated American University with a degree in International Studies and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.  LtCol Wagner reported to The Basic School in November 2002 and joined Alpha Company 1-03.  Upon completion of TBS, LtCol Wagner attended Logistics Officers Course at Camp Johnson, NC and was subsequently assigned to 2nd Transportation Support Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC.

At 2nd Transportation Support Battalion LtCol Wagner served as a heavy equipment platoon commander and convoy commander.  She deployed with Alpha Company in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II where Alpha Company was attached to Combat Service Support Group-15 at Camp Taqaddum from February to September 2004.  Upon return from Iraq, LtCol Wagner was reassigned to Combat Logistics Battalion-8 as it prepared for its deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-07.1 LtCol Wagner served as the battalion training officer and watch officer.  Combat Logistics Battalion-8 deployed to Camp Fallujah, Iraq in direct support of Regimental Combat Team-8 from February to September 2005.  In November 2005, LtCol Wagner returned to 2nd Transportation Support Battalion and was assigned as the Executive Officer of Bravo Company, which was preparing for its deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 05-07.1.  Bravo Company deployed to Iraq from February to September 2006 and was attached to Combat Logistics Regiment-15 at Camp Taqaddum.

In October 2006, LtCol Wagner reported to The Basic School and was assigned as a Warfighting Instructor and primary instructor for the Convoy Operations Package.  She served as Staff Platoon Commander, 5th Platoon, Fox Company BOC 6-07 and as Executive Officer, Charlie Company BOC 3-08 and Alpha Company BOC 1-09.  She attended resident Expeditionary Warfare School AY (including TMIC) 2010.  In June 2010 LtCol Wagner reported to 1st Marine Logistics Group.  In July 2010 she was assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion-13 as the Operations Officer.  Combat Logistics Battalion-13 deployed with 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit from February to September 2011 in the Central and Pacific Commands conducting theater security exercises and contingency response.  On 14 November 2011, LtCol Wagner took command of General Support Motor Transport Company, Combat Logistics Regiment-1.  During her time at GSMT the company participated in 11th Marines’ WINTER FIREX and Exercise STEEL KNIGHT.  LtCol Wagner also attended the MPF Staff Planners Course and served as a CLR-1 observer of the MPF Exercise BALTOPS.

Lieutenant Colonel Wagner served as Commanding Officer, Recruiting Station Nashville from June 2013 to June 2016.  She attended the School of Advanced Warfighting from July 2016 to May 2017 and was subsequently assigned as Plans Officer, 3d Marine Division from July 2017 to September 2019.  At 3d Marine Division, LtCol Wagner participated in OPLAN planning and planned and executed Ulchi Freedom Guardian 17, Key Resolve 18, MEF CPX 18.1, MEFEX 19, and TALISMAN SABRE 19.  She served as the Future Operations Officer, 1st Marine Logistics Group prior to assuming command of Combat Logistics Battalion-11 in February 2020.

She is married to LtCol Christopher Wagner, USMCR.

1st Marine Logistics Group